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Knowledge Review Volume 21 No.1, Dec. 2010

Sex differentials exist in role performance in Nigerian traditional culture. Males regarded as superior sex are expected to engage in socio-economic and political activities outside the home, protect, and provide basic needs such as shelter for the family. Whereas, females regarded as inferior sex are expected to stay in the home, perform domestic chores, take care of husbands, relatives, bear and rear babies. These ideologies are the basis of socio-cultural stereotypes which exist in matrilineal societies.

Knowledge Review Volume 21 No.3, Dec. 2010

This paper attempts to examine the menace of widowhood practices on the life of a widow and her offspring‘s when all that belongs to her have been taken or seized in accordance with the traditions and customs of the people. This occurs more often at the death of her spouse. Education is the only weapon that can spotlight her rights and subsequent assertion of same. Therefore, the need for every woman to be educated cannot be over emphasized.

Academic Forum Contributors and Contents

Academic Forum Contributors and Contents

Contributors and Contents 19 No.2

Contributors and Contents 19 No2

Content NAFAK 21 No.2

Content NAFAK 21 No.2

COCONUT: Multidisciplinary Journal Of Environment Agriculture Science And Technology Volume 3 No.1, April 2011

Such compounds as rotenoids, flavonoids and isoflavonoids have been isolated from various species of this family (Harborne, 1982; Khalid and Waterman, 1983). Debarked stems of Milletia recemosa (Leguminosae) have yielded some flavonoid compounds (Khalid and Waterman, 1983; Prakash and Kupradanam, 1994). Diatium finds application in African folk medicine which has given the impetus to the investigation of its stem for potent medicinal compounds.

Academic Forum Contents Volume 20 No.1

Academic Forum Contents Volume 20 No.1 -The Papers



Nigerian Academic Forum Volume 18 No. 2 , April 2010

Intensive study on the physicochemical characteristics of Ogba community rain water quality for a period of 3 years was carried out. The various physicochemical parameters studied include pH, turbidity, conductivity, total alkalinity, total suspended solids, total dissolved solids, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), chloride, iron, nitrate, sulphate and Dissolved Oxygen (DO). The results obtained from the investigation revealed that there were great differences in these rain water characteristics for each year.

Academic Forum Contributors and Content 18 No.2

The Contributors and Content of the Academic Forum Volume 18 No.2

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