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NAFAK Content Volume 20 No.20

National Association For The Advancement Of Knowledge(NAFAK)

Knowledge Review Volume 22 No.2, April 2011

Every government formulates its goals and aspiration. Though, in Nigeria, failure has trailed most of such statements in the past, Seven-Point Agenda of Yar-Adua seem to have no better result. Why is it so? Are teachers, being one of the major instruments of reformation, actually playing their roles? This descriptive survey, therefore, attempts to investigate the extent to which teachers are involved in the realization of the Seven-Point Agenda of President Yar‟Adua.

Knowledge Review Volume 21 No.2, Dec. 2010

This research investigated the impact of the internal accounting policies of the Monrovia Breweries, Inc. on its recovery plan from the period 2001 to 2006. Just after the war, the growth rate of the industry was slow and sometimes negative; thus management developed these policies to revert the situation. In order to assess the impact of these policies it was necessary to do this study. The case study method was selected, as a Methodology, with Monrovia Breweries Inc. as the focus. Purposive sampling was also used to select a sample of 75 employees of the Brewery from a population of 164.

Knowledge Review Volume 22 No.1,April 2011

Pupils‘ performance in grammar and English in general at the elementary school seems to be poor on graduation in Kano State and the nation at large. The situation has caused public complaints for solution. Despite the efforts of the Federal Government and assistance from World Bank, there seems to be not much progress.


The Editorial Board of Multidisciplinary Journal of Academic Excellence hereby calls for articles/papers on current issues, research findings and book review for publication in the next volume of the Journal. We publish biannually- April and December. Scholarly articles/papers on current issues, book review and research report/findings relevant to the following fields are welcome



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