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International Journal Volume 1

This paper focused on human resource adequacy as a viable instrument for the successful implementation of Universal Basic Education (UBE) programme in Nigerian primary school. In order to address this option, the paper discussed the concepts of UBE, human resource and human resource adequacy. The paper also examined human resource adequacy for UBE programme implementation in primary schools, problems of human resource adequacy, benefits of human resource adequacy and the prospects of human resource adequacy. Recommendations were made.

International Journal Volume 2 No.1

This paper examined quality assurance in primary education in Nigeria. It discussed the concept of quality and quality assurance, objectives of primary education as indicated in National Policy on Education (2004) were enumerated. Activities involved in quality assurance in primary education were highlighted. Problems militating against quality assurance in primary education were discussed such as: inadequate provision of facilities, insufficient provision of instructional materials, not ensuring curriculum relevance.

International Journal Volume 2 No.2

The Origin of HIV/AIDS: No other disease has ever threatened the imagination of the world as much as HIV and AIDS have done: The following are often asked:
 Where did AIDS come from?
 Is it a new or an old disease?
 Where did HIV originate?

NARD Volume 14 No.1, April

In developing countries, the use of draught animal is important due to the shortage of farm machineries. Training and management of draught animals is an important requirement for any draught animal system. Its maximum utilization relies heavily upon the type and nature of training received at the beginning when the animals are usually introduced to the work. Majority of Nigerian farmers manage their animals on nomadic pastoral system with little supplementary feeding and inadequate health care.



Knowledge Review Volume 20 No.2 April 2010

Post-Colonial Africa has yet too many flash points, arising from failed and weak states due to poor governance, boundary disputes, lean resources, lack of capacity, ethnic rivalries, power sharing, religious and ideological contentions. The conflict in Sudan presents an interesting scenario. At the surface, it is seemingly a religious war or political conflict. The Darfur region represents the country‟s sore thumb.

Knowledge Review Volume 20 No.1, April 2010

This study takes a critical look at the recent micro finance policy and attempts by the Nigerian government to encourage private sector-led establishment of micro finance banks (MFBs) as a potent means of poverty alleviation. The objectives of the study are to examine the inherent strengths and limitations, and proffer solutions. The methodology adopted is a clarification of extant concepts, explication of rationale for the government‘s policy, and a brief review of the development of micro financing in Nigeria. It also involved a critical analysis of the dominant issues in the policy.

The Nigeria Academic Forum Volume 19 No. 4, Nov. 2010

The paper begins with a general review of the concept of single parenthood as a situation where a parent looks after a child or children without a partner or simply put, an act of bringing up a child or children single handedly either by a male or female parent. This kind of family setting is known as single parent family. The paper states that we live in a society where over half of all children are born to single parents or into marriages that end in divorce, death, desertion, separation and pregnancy before marriage.

Academic Forum Volume 19 No.1, Nov. 2010

This paper examines the ample power and duties of a state Governor as prescribed by the Land Use Act 1978 (Cap. 202, L.F.N.1990). The powers and duties were accorded the Governor to enable him to effectively control and manage the land in his state. This position is taken by the legislature in order to make land acquisition easy for prospective investors, and for agricultural, industrial and residential purposes. To this end, all land comprised in the territory of a state has been vested in the governor, in trust, to be administered for the use and common benefit of all Nigerians.

Mutidisciplinary Journal of Academic Excellence Volume 3 No.3

The wave of ethnic violence and religious crises in Nigeria has reached such an alarming level that, if not arrested, may break up the country. It is against this background that this paper considers the use of citizenship education as a means by which Nigeria can attain the much needed unity and stability.. This paper concludes that citizenship education should be introduced at all levels of education and that if it is carefully and appropriately implemented, Nigeria will be more stable, strong, united and with higher sense of religious tolerance for its citizenry.

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