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AFRICAN EDUCATION INDICES: Vol. 7 No. 1, AUGUST, 2014, 2015 ISSN: 2276-982X


VOLUME 7 NO. 1, AUGUST, 2014


Africa’s Children and the Prospects for Sustainable Peace and Development:The Critical Role of Education -Prof. Allyson A. Sesay

Human Resource Management and Economic Development of African States –A. N. Ekpe, (Ph.D) and Martha A. Ekpe, (Ph.D)

Law- Related Education: A Catalyst for Crime Prevention and Control in Nigeria -Assoc. Prof. S. N. Ikwumelu, Ph.D;P. E. Eluu, Ph.D and Ogene A. Oyibe

Psychological Reorientation of Nigerian Students towards the Concept of Government Employment: The Need for Entrepreneurship Education at All Levels -Assoc. Prof. James Audu Ngada

Job Attitudes of Nigerian Teachers and their Effects on the Educational System -Pastor Dr. Paul Nwakpa

Capacity Building of Teachers as a Strategy in Bridging the Gap in Nigerian Educational System -Catherine Uchechukwu Osuji, Ph.D

Education for All in Nigeria: Finance Management Constraints and the Way Forward -Dr. Nneka G. Nwaka

Differential Items and Group Functions of Secondary Students Achievements in Mathematics in Cross-River State-Rev. Dr. C. I. Enunwah; Dr. A. M. Akwa and Dr. C. E. Okon

Gender Issues in Technical Education, Problems and Prospects: Technical Education Programme in Akwa Ibom State College of Education in Perspective -Hogan Usoro, Ph.D; A. A. Akpan, Ph.D and Udeme S. Udoetuk, Ph.D

Science Education and Economic Development of African States-Prof. Sahr P. Thomas Gbamanja (GCOR)

The Dilemma of Universal Basic Education in Akwa Ibom State Enmasse (Cosmetic) Education or Supply of Paltry Percentage of Teachers? -Okon Akpakpan Udoh

Different Mechanisms for Conflict Resolution among Nigerians in the Present Dispensation: Counselling Implications -A. D. Oghiagbephan

Functional Literacy Education as a Tool for Sustainable National Development in Nigeria -Dr. E.O. Aruma

Professional Standard of Practice for Special Needs Education Teachers in Nigeria -Christopher Mtagherornyi Vandeh, Ph.D;Juliana Bodang, Ph.D and Elizabeth Ugoh, Ph.D

Organizational Resources and Job Satisfaction among University Lecturers in Cross River State Nigeria -Monica J. Esu

Building the Image of Technical, Vocational Education and Training for Fighting Terrorism and Enhancing Economic Development in Nigeria -A. O. Okorafor and P. N. Okorafor, Ph.D

Problems Militating against Curriculum Implementation on Vocational/Technical Subject in Secondary Schools in Nigeria-Gift Uchenna Nwiyi, Ph.D and Fiokedu Sam Okorie, Ph.D

Peace and Unity in the Family Vis-a-vis Human Rights –Dr. John Friday Mordi

Teachers Based Strategies for Motivating Students Interest in Basic Science and Technology –C. E. Nwafor, (Ph.D)

Peace Education and Economic Development in Africa-Angelina O. Ogwuche

Disparities in Physical Activity and Health Remedial and Strategic Approaches from Sports Psychologist -Dr. Laro Ibrahim Abubakar

Conflict Resolution Strategies of Nigerian Secondary Schools’ Administrators for Peace and Economic Development -Ambrose Beluaye Anashie and Veronica Kulo

The Ideophones in Anaang Language: From the Syntactic Point of View -Edenowo T. Enang; Aniekan L. Nyarks; Iniobong D. Utin; Sussana T. Udoka, (Ph.D) and Maurice E. Udom, (Ph.D)

Pioneering Agric Entrepreneurship Education in African Tertiary Institutions -Bernard A. Okpokwasili

Towards Achieving Functional Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)-Based Agricultural Development in Nigeria -Umoke Collins Chukwudum and Esheya Samuel Esheya

Analysis of the Performance of Secondary School Students in Mathematics Based on the School-Size and Gender-Difference in Gombe Metropolis of Gombe State -Abdullahi Salami Magaji

The Role of a Balanced Diet in the Enhancement of Academic Performance of Primary School Pupils -Rose N. O. Audu

Functional Education and Youth Restiveness in Nigeria: The Way Forward Towards National Development -Rabiu Nasidi

E-Marketing in Nigeria: An Essential Tool for Globalization of Fashion Business in the E-Business World -Andrew A. Ugbah and Erezi B. Ugbah

The Impact of Marital Instability on Early Childhood Development in Nigeria -Nene C. Duke-Natrebo

Problems of Gender Imbalance in School Enrolment in Nigeria -Dr. Obodoegbulam Agi Otto and Samuel C. Obasi

Farmers Adaptive Trend to Issues and Innovations in Nigeria’s Agriculture: Implications for Vocational
-Uduakobong A. Okon and Godwin U. Ukpong

Sustainable Curriculum for Economic Development: Teachers’ View –A. C. Izuagba and N. M. Enwereuzoh