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Knowledge Review Vol. 15 No. 5, December, 2007 ISSN: 1595-2126


1.An Exploration into Ceramic Raw Materials in Kebbi State to Produce Tableware Relating to Small Scale Industry-Zauro, Tukur Dikko Muhammad

2. Refocusing Secondary Education in Nigeria: Conflict Management Option - Adeyanju, F. (Mrs.) and Ekwevugbe, Adams O.

3.UBE and Nine-Year Basic Education: The role of the School Library-G. E. Asowa and Loveth Ekwueme

4. Refocusing Infrastructural Problems in Private and Public Primary Schools for Qualitative Education - Adiotomre, Josephine E. (Ph.D)

5.The Role of Home Economics in Universal Basic Education for Sustainable National Development - Igbemi, M. J.

6.Post-University Matriculation Examination (UME) Screening as a Strategy for Sustaining the Quality of University Education -Tonwe, U. A. C. (Mrs.)

7.Refocusing Science and Technology Education for Relevance and Sustainable National Development - Joseph Onyia Ugwu

8.Privatization: Its Relevance in Sustainable National Development-Isong, S. I. and Okposin, F. U.

9.The Challenges of Computer-Based Information System in the
Business 'Education Programme
- Ugbe, A. Sylvester

10.The Relevance of Technical and Vocational Teacher Education in the 21st Century - Iheonunekwu, Solomon; Robert Ben Joshua and Nwankwo, O. Charles

11.Status of Instructional Media in Refocusing Technical and Vocational Education in Nigeria Institutions -1. Tumba; J. Zambwa; E. V. Mbaga and S. S. Manabete

12.Refocusing Citizenship Education in Nigeria: The Roles of Educational Agencies - Ikem, Kenneth

13.Approaches to Teaching and Learning of English Literature- Fatima Mohammed

14.Refocusing Social Studies Education for Relevance and Sustainable National Development - Imo-Obong Inyang Tnyang (Mrs.)

15.Refocusing Visual Art Education in Nigeria Primary Schools for National Development - Chukwuma, Ifeanyi Julianah (Mrs.)

16.Effects of Multiple -Choice and Matching Tests on Delayed Retention Learning in Tertiary Institutions Electrical/Electronics Technology-Ahmad Tyado Abdullah

17.Refocusing Music Education for Relevance and Sustainable National Development - Okeke, Martha U. (Mrs.)

18.The Role of Citizenship Education in Nation Building-Olabadewo, Esther Jumoke (Mrs.)

19.The Impacts of Built Developments on Urban Environment on Edo State - Daniel Nosakhare Onaiwu

20.Globalization: Refocusing it to be more Beneficial to Nigeria and Nigerians - Mr. Eniobong E. Ntoiden and Endurance G. Udo