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KNOWLEDGE REVIEW Vol. 11 No. 2 , NOVEMBER, 2005, ISSN: 1595-2126

Vol. 11 No. 2


1.Participatory Management as a Need: The Challenges for Managerial Efficiency and Sustainable Productivity-E.B.J. Iheriohanma, Ph.D.

2.An Evaluation of Women Education Programmes in Women Development Centres: A Case Study of the Federal Capital Territory-Dr. (Mrs.) Rosemary Chiaka Akuchie

3.Re-Focusing the Vision and Mission of Traditional Medicine in Nigeria's Health Sector in the 21st Century-Anthony Zaayem Apenda

4.Resourcefulness and Material Utilization for the Teaching of French-Dr. S.A.U. Ituen

5.The Vision and Mission of Home Economics Education in the 21st Century-Muoka, Rosemary Chika (Miss)

6.Vision and Mission of Primary Mathematics Education in the 21st Century-John E. Eze

7.Vision and Mission of Privatization in the 21sl Century-Omogiade, Osagie and Eweka Uyi Humble

8.Repositioning Guidance and Counselling Service in the National Policy on Education in the 21st Century-Alao Ireti Folasadc

9.Science and Technology Education for Meaningful National Development in the 21sl Century -Miss Gladys Apeleokhai

10.Globalisation and the Challenge for the Nigerian Economy-Patricia A. Adamu (Mrs.)

11.The Challenges of Agricultural Extension Teaching Methods in Nigeria in the 21sl Century-Sulaiman, A.B.

12.Vision and Mission of Privatizing Public Sector Enterprises in Nigeria; Problems and Prospects in the 21st Century-Osaseri Godfrey

13.An Appraisal of the Role of Guidance and Counselling in the Vision and Mission of Education in Nigeria-Jiya John

14.A Proposal for the Response of Education to Globalization Anchored on the National Education Goals -Femi Daniel

15.Vision for Sustainable Agriculture and Proper Data Management as Feasible
Options for Managing Land Degradation in Nigeria
-Onoja, Anthony O.and Elshaib, Ilyas

16.Teacher Education in the Years 2000 Plus: Issues, Challenges and Prospects Adokiye Adolphus Okujagu

17.Effects of Verbal Reinforcement Strategies on Academic Achievement of Poor Achieving Pupils in the English Language in the Primary Schools: A Case Study of Olamaboro Local Government Area, Kogi State -Adaji Theresa Ojoanyi (Ph.D)

18.Mobilizing Local Government Leaders for Visionary Leadership: A Focus on Benue State -Sebastian Atia

19.Vision and Mission of Science Education in the 21st Century-Ador Sylvanus Ikwen

20.Prospects and Challenges for the Vision and Mission of BiologyEducation in Colleges of Education in the 21sl Century
-Ukpene Anthony Ossai

21.A Critical Assessment of the Language Factor in National Reconciliation-Basil O. Nwokolo

22.Some Thoughts on the Emerging Nigerian English and Functionality
-Nnenna O. Oke (Mrs.)