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Enhancing the Church's Involvement in the Quest for Fundamental Human Rights -Adewale, Olubiyi Adeniyi

Privatisation and Manpower Development in Nigeria-Dr J.E. Tabotndip and Tabotndip, S.A. (Mrs)

Utilization of Evaluation in the Development of Quality Manpower in Science and Technology Education -Adejoh, Musa James

Achieving Manpower Development Through Language Education-Dr John Ikechukwu Ezeude

Utlization of Business Education Potentials for Manpower Development in Nigeria -Agi, Ominyi Gabriel

Contribution of Fine and Applied Arts Education in Manpower Development -Olajide D. Ayodele

Relevance of French Language Education in Manpower Development in Nigeria -Igbudu, J.O.

Preparation of Accountants for Manpower Development -Bakari Adamu Malgwi

Towards Improving Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM)Education Through Inculcation of Scientific Literacy-Onah, E.E.

Education and the Challenges of Manpower Development in Nigeria-Onyishi, B.O.

Adopting Competency-Based Vocational Education for Skilled Manpower Development-F.O. Jika

The Place of the English Language in Manpower Development in Nigeria-Emma Chima Igiligi

Potentials of Teacher Education in Providing Manpower Development of Nigeria -Adoga, David Egbenje Agwu

Computer Education for Manpower Development -Dr J.O. Ukwungwu and N.E. Olinya

Impact of Computer Education on Manpower Development -Hon Jonah Okwoche (JP)

Utilization of Handwriting Fundamental Skills for Manpower-Guma, Benjamin Igbo

Assessment of the Performance of Small Scale Electrical/Electrionic Entrepreneurs in Adamawa State -S.S. Manabete and G.J. Zamdayu

Reduction of Constraints in the Teaching of Crop Protection at the N.C.E.Level for Manpower Development -Agaba, T.A.

Acquisition of Computer Education for Manpower Development-Nwosu Frederick Chukwuebuka

Privatization and Manpower Development: The Route to Growth in the Nigerian Economy -Joan E. Onoja (Mrs)

Basic Economics and Business Education in Manpower Development Efforts-Aminu, Ibrahim Abnbakar

The Importance of Vocational Education in Manpower Development-Mrs Zainab Abba Mohammed

Perspectives on the Mass Media Restrictive Laws and Their Implications on the Performance of the Nigerian Press A.A. Dzukogi

UBE, National Integration and Cohesion -Tijjani K. AbduIIahi