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Dweller-Control and Satisfaction with Housing Quality: Lessons from Self-Help Housing in Nigerian Urban Centres Dr. Zanzan Akaka Uji And Prof G. C. Okechukwu

Dreams’ End or End Dreams? Elizabeth O. Nwachukwu

Accuracy of Leaf Rectangular Area Adoption in Growth Studies: The Case of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill). Dr. J. G. Bodunde and Prof J. D. Olarewaju

The Marketing of Social Causes: The Nigerian Experience. John I. N. Inyanga

An Appraisal of Implementation of Forest Laws in Nigeria: A Case Study of Timber Extraction in Edo State Forestry Department. Paul Ohwofahwdraye

Pan-Nigerian Dialogue as an Option for Pacifying Ethnic Militias and Promoting Ethnic Co-existence in Nigeria. Adesoji A. Oni

Socio-Economic Status and Pupils’ Academic Achievement: Ogba-Egbema Case Study Mrs. C. O. Okoro

On Derivation of New Finite Difference Scheme to Cope with First Order Initial Value Problem in Ordinary Differential Equation Julian I. Mbegbu and Stella C. Chiemeke

Food Security and Women in Developing Countries- Phyllis I. Okoli

The Role of Internet in Information Dissemination N. D. Oye

Foundationalism versus Anti Foundationalism in African Epistemology Dr. G. O. Ozumba

Human and Political Behaviour: A Syllogism-Frank Anazodo

Computer Applications and the Future of Education in Nigeria Rev. Fr. Dr. Solomon U. Ezenibe

Linguistic Errors, Models and English Language Education in Nigeria: A Study of Some Recommended Literary Texts- Stella O. Igcne and Diri I. Teilanyo

School Health Education and National Development. Sylvester A. Mba

Refocusing Nigeria’s Technology Education in the New MillenniumElder Ebri U. Eteng

Drug Abuse and Alcoholism in Nigerian Schools: Ameliorating Through Guidance and Counselling Strategies - Assoc Prof Ibrahim Bulus and Damian Z Rimfat

Enhancing the Universal Basic Education Programme through Scientific and Technological Literacy: Implication for Science Education. Chuks A. Okoro

Impediments to Effective Teaching in Primary Schools of Yobe State.Ngada Audu James

Social Studies Education in Nigeria: Its Evolution and Development L. O. Awopetu

Diagnostic Deficiency Symptoms in Dialium Guineense (Willd) Seedlings.R. E. Orhue

Patterns and Determinants of Infant and Childhood Mortality in Developing CountriesOdo Romanus Chukwuemeka

Science Education: A Tool for Effective Implementation of the Universal Basic Education (U.B.E)Programme - Kizito Abare Gadaka

Abundance, Distribution and Feeding Ecology of Alcelaphus buselaphus in Old Oyo National Park, Nigeria. O. T. Areniu, B. T. Elekhizor And F. O. Obasogie

The Concept of God and Practice in Education- Dr. G. Okolo

Ceramic Technology - Its Role in other Technologies Anthony Arinze Ossai

Problems of Science, Technology and Mathematics (STM) Education in Nigeria. Yunusa Isa