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Volume 1 No 3, November, 2001
ISSN: 1596-3306


An Alternative Poverty Eradication Model for Nigeria. N. B. Onukwe, H. G. Mu’azu; G. M. Wajiga and M. D. Philemon

Colonial Policies and Migrations Across The Nigeria-Cameroon Boundary, 1884-1961. Dr. Bonchuk, M. O.

Science Concepts and Cultural Beliefs Conflict: Implication for a Virile Scientific and Technological Development. Dr. O. D. Aremu

The Effects of Two Methods of Teaching Essays on the Achievement of Junior Secondary Schools Students in Ekiti State. G. Olu Oyinloye

Problems and Prospects of Teaching “Uses of English”: A Case of College of Technology, Zaria. Osagbami, Elizabeth I.

On Convergence and Order of a Numerical Integrator For Solving Linear Stiff First Order Initial Value Problem. Juilan Ibezimako Mbegbu

Histochemical Localization of Calcium Oxalate. Crystals and its Importance in Biosystematics Mbagwu, F. N.

Demographic Correlates of Employee’s Job Performance Behaviour in Kogi State. Iheanacho, E. N. O.

Human Relations and the Nigerian Schools Teachers. Dr. (Mrs.) Victoria B. Denga

Quality Education: A Function of Teacher Education. Jordan K. Obara

The Impact of Psychological Research on Mathematics Education in Primary Schools Yara, P. O.

Tertiary ESL Writing: Beyond the Confines of Grammar to the Epicentre of Style Dr. S. A. Omodiaogbe

Formulation of Stone-Ware Bodies for Small Seale Ceramic Industries in Nigeria. Akpale J. Enoch

Writing Methodology of Research Emmanuel A. Adukwu

Skill Development/Acquisition in Business Education: A Case Study of Some Selected Subjects in Federal College of Education, Kano Ugbe, A Sylvester

Comparative Study of Women Education in Colleges of Education in Nigeria 1992/93-1994/95. Edward H. Kpanja

The Role of Equipment in the Effective Teaching Of Stenographic Skills in Nigerian Colleges of Education Ogunleye, Isaac O.

On the Control of University Grade Structure. S. D. Okonta and E. O. Onobun

Inculcation of Entrepreneurial Skills in Students: A Challenge to Home Economics Teachers Ezema, P. N. (Mrs.)

Design and Selection of Appropriate Sound Reinforcement Systems in Lecture Halls. J. O. M. Aniasuomo

The Effect of Use of Improvised Materials for Instruction on Achievement of Primary School Pupils in Integrated Science Dr. Thomas B. Igwebuike

Theoretical Approaches in Software Complexity Metrics. S. C. Chiemeke and A. O. Oladipupo

Fine Art and Applied Arts Education. Elizabeth Egbe Ewule

Deficit Financing and Monetary Policy in Nigeria: An Impact Analysis. Soile, I. O. and M. S. Ogunmuyiwa

Promoting Women’s Active Participation in Science Technology and Mathematics Education: A Guidance Conusellor’s Perspective. Akande, Florence F. (Mrs.)

Federalism and National Rebirth for Sustainable Integration in the 21st Century. O. Bodunde

Music Composition in a Democratic Society: Problems and Prospects. Onwuekwe, Agatha I. (Mrs.)

Strategies for Enhancing Environmental Awareness among Females in Anambra State. Uzoka, F. A.

Promoting Democratic Values and Nation Building through Social Studies Education. Ehinmidu, Wuraola A

Work Ethic of Nigerian Workers and its Effects on Productivity. P. S. Olowolaju

Religion and Man’s Equality: The Christian View Douglas D. Jalo and Vandi J. Kwayas

Curriculum Reform in Nigeria: A Myth or a Reality? Bassey Ubong and Dr. B. J. Obomonu

Trends in Continuing Education for Information Professionals in Nigeria. Dalhatu Usman Jibril

The Local Colour Variety of English in Achebe’s No Longer at Ease. V.C. Okafor (Mrs.)