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Volume 10 April/2016 Number 2

ISSN 2006 - 0173


1-Creativity and Inventions: The Role of Functional Education to the Target Group…………… Prof. J.O.E. Otuka, Ph.D

2 The Cost of Training for the Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) through Distance Education Programme in Nigeria James O. Ezema, Ph.D

-3 Related Problems Affecting Secondary Schools Teachers in Nigeria-Dr. Tahir Adamu Koki Ahmed

4 Creativity and Inventions as Veritable Instruments for Functional Education and Self Reliance in Nigeria: A Philosophical Paradigm -Dodo Aminu Yamu and Joshua Isa

5- Creativity and Invention in E-Education in Nigeria: Challenges and the Way Forward -Ismail Musa and Bello M. Abubakar

6 An Evaluation of Physico-Chemical Properties of Soils from Irrigated Area of Waya Dam in Bauchi State, Nigeria …….Kefas J. Laudan; Mato M. Ubayo; Yohanna Haruna and M. A. Mustapha

7 - Citizenship Education as a Creative Intervention Tool for National Development …Felicia Akuson

8 Creativity as a Means of Enhancing the Survival and Sustainability of Newspapers and Magazines in Nigeria -Gbaden Jacob Chiakaan and Jubrin Ibrahim Ahmad

-9Creativity and Innovation in Guidance and Counseling: Challenges and Prospects for Nation Building Auta A. Bokah and Chika C. Umennaike

10E-Learning: An Effective Tool for the Teaching and Learning of Geography in Nigerian Schools ………Friday Bonoh and Maikai A. Saidu

11Implementing National Language Policy: Panacea to Functional Basic Education in Nigeria …… John Adeyemi Adejumo and David Atsongu

12Creativity and Inventions in Mathematics in Pre-Primary Schools-Emmanuel Sunday Dewan and Gotom Dasen

13 Creativity and Invention in Science Teaching: Gender Factor on Students’ Academic Performance in Chemistry, College of Education Akwanga, Nasarawa State……Mercy Ayinya Gube-Ibrahim

14 -Human Resource Management and Teachers’ Job Performance in Secondary Schools in North West Senatorial District of Benue State, Nigeria ……Mark Terlumun Ijov; Manasseh Terkimbi Hemen and Aloga Oko Austin

-Creativity and Innovation in Business…Julius Abimiku

15-Using Mineral Ore Deposits as a Teaching Resource on the Concepts of Cations and Anions in Colleges of Education Chemistry …Ugbe Agioliwhu Ugbe (Ph.D) and Stephen Adie Adalikwu

16-Fostering Creative Problem Solving in Chemistry through Group Work Sani Adamu Gyako

17-Creativity and Innovation as a Strategy for Enhancing Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria: A Study of Some Selected Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Jos Metropolis Silas Gontur; Makrop Davireng and Paul Dung Gadi

18-Role of Science Teachers in the Contemporary Nigerian Society on Students Creativity and Inventions in Science…Samaila Bawa Tagwai

-19The Role of Language As Medium of Instruction in Schools -Comr. Patience Edoimioya

-20The Place of Creative Teaching Methods in Christian Education Jibir J. Ishaya

21 -Design and Modeling of a Residential Building Determinant for Creative Construction …Peter Shut Gyang and Kassam Jwasshaka Shirka

22-Creativity and Inventions in Functional Social Studies Education -Imoh-Obong Inyang Inyang and Ubong James Akpan

23 -Creativity and Inventions in Curriculum Planning and Implementation ……Buba Paktama Bwala

-24 Accessibility of Secondary School Teachers to Pedagogical Inventions of Recent Times ……Isaiah Amedu Odagboyi, Ph.D