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VOLUME 11 NO. 1, December, 2015: ISSN: 2276-9684


Creativity and Inventions: The Role of Functional Education to the Target Group Prof. J.O.E. Otuka, Ph.D

Creativity and Inventions: The Role of Functional Education To The Target Group Prof. David Amokaha Aboho, Ph.D

Creativity- and Inventions in the Teaching / Use of Polysmous Lexemes in English and Anaan Languages Dr. Vero- Ekpris Gladstone Urujzian

Code-Switching and Code-Mixing the Medium of Instruction in Lower Basic Education in Nigerian Schools Justina C. Anyadiegwu, Ph. D

The Effectiveness of Traits on Leadership Style As A Panancea for National Transformation I. P. Chingle And Enoch Bako Amabu, Ph.D

Reinvention and Reinnovation in Festival Celebrations for Possible Contribution to Development among the Benue People Anthony Zaayem Apenda, Ph.D

Maximizing the Potentials of ICT in Business Education through the Application of TAM and VARK… Idorenyin Idorenyin Thomas Ukut

Higher Education and its Challenges in Policy and Management Issues in Nigeria Nsikan Okon James, Ph.D And Emmanuel B. Joseph, Ph.D

Ineffective Communication in Matrimonial Homes and Niger Delta University Lecturers' Work Performance, Bayelsa State: Implications For Counselling Dr. Johnson E. Maciver And P. C. Igbojinwaekwu, Ph.D

Creativity in Teaching and Learning in Language Art Education Auta A. Bokah

Effective Application Of Communication As An Instrument For Effective Teaching In A School Milieu Gbaden Jacob Chiakaan And Gladys B.A. Bulus

Intercultural Dialogue: Incorporating Creative Strategies of Diversity Management in a School Environment in Counsellor Education Dr Mfon Eyo

Creativity and Inventions in Fine and Applied Arts for Self Reliance in Colleges of Education Malise Turba Dateba And Dabels Yunius

Parametric Estimation of Allocative Efficiency among Cotton Farmers in Zamfara State, Nigeria: Application of Stochastic Frontier Models V.O. Odedokun; B. Ahmed; R. A. Omolehin And T. K. Atala

Training Pre-Primary School Science Teachers In Developing Creativity And Inventive Abilities A Panacea For Functional Education Annae Sodan Ogieriakhi

Industrial Development And Creativity As A Tool For Economic Growth In Nigeria: The Role of Functional Education Steve Azi Dabo And Fredrick Kwarpo Lohor

Innovation among Small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria … Aliyu Mohammed And Julius Abimiku

Chemistry as a Creative Science for Creation of Career Opportunities and Development of Entrepreneurial Skills Daniel Musa Marti

Influence of Work Environment and Career Progression on Teachers’ Job Productivity in Benue North West Senatorial District Philip Shiaondo Nomayu; Mark Terlumun Ijov And Rosemary Mulebee Asen

Use of Cooperative Problem-Based Learning Model to Develop Creativity and Foster Democracy, and Improve Student Learning Outcomes in Chemistry at the NCE Level .. Sani Adamu Gyako

Stimulating Creativity and Inventions in the Classroom through Functional Education Idoko Reuben Otoja, Ph.D And Ogayi Marry Otoja

Appraisal of the Nigerian Financial System from 2003-2013 Gladys .O. Okonkwo And Joel Ekeleme Idika

Utilising Igbo Language to Encourage Creativity and Inventions among the Igbo Children Theodore Chinweike Ugwu; Chika Chidi Umennaike And Augustina .E. Ezemoka

The Role of Creativity and Invention in Science and Technology Education for Tackling the Security Challenges in Nigeria Mercy Ayinya Gube-Ibrahim

Impacts and Solutions of Overcrowded Mathematics Class on Students’ Achievements in Schools James Omaiye Ojonubah

Tabula Rasa Theory: A Basis for Creativity and Inventions in Education Ariks Samuel Bashayi

Instructional Strategies and their Impact on Teaching – Learning of Second Languages in Schools Jane O. Egwutuoha

Creativity and Inventions in Open and Distance Learning in Nigeria Jerome Terrumun Dabu

Skill Acquisition and Vocational Education in Non-Formal Education: Its Implication For National Development Gloria Boma Bulus

Creativity and Invention in Sociolinguistics of English Language: A Functional Ethnographic Use of Condolences among the Igbo Christopher Nkemakolam Njoku

Status of Workshop Facilities in Technical Colleges in Rivers State Amadike Okechukwu, Ph.D and Vincent I. A. Agwi

Effects of Lessons on Empathic Responding and Perception on Conflict Reduction among Secondary School Adolescents P. Kwaja, Ph.D and E.C. Usifo

The Effect of Awareness Teaching Model of Students Learning-Dr. S. Saidu and I. A. Msheliza