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Nigerian Academic Forum Volume 20 No. 1, April 2011

English is the medium of instruction from Primary four to secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Teachers of all subjects are therefore expected to be proficient in use of English to ensure effective teaching-learning. Before graduation from Colleges of Education, the students must have participated in teaching practice successful at the Primary and Junior Secondary School levels. Some principals reject student-teachers posted to their schools on the ground of lack of proficiency in English to teach effectively by the student-teacher. Complaints have risen that most students on teaching practice from Colleges of Education lack competence and performance in English for effective teaching and learning. The researcher investigated the complaints on student-teachers from some Colleges of Education on teaching practice and found that most of the student-teachers lacked competence in the language or instruction-English. Recommendations are adduced for the ratification of the problems to enable proficiency in English for effective teaching and learning.

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