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Nigerian Journal of Research and Production Vol. 5 No. 1, October, 2004 ISSN: 1596-6615

Nigerian Journal of Research and Production Vol. 5 No. 1, December , 2004
ISSN: 1596-6615

Effects of Guided Physics Laboratory Method of Teaching on Gender Acquisition of Laboratory Skills Mboto, Ferdinand, (Ph.D); Okon, Christopher E.and Okron E. Osam (Ph.D)

The Role of Management in Mergers and Acquisitions: The Nigerian Experience- Dr Odoh, Charles Modebelu

Influence of Birth Order and Gender on the Development of Personality Traits of Secondary School Adolescents- Opara, Obiamaka (Ph.D)

The Effects of Two Forms of Instructional Treatment on Process Skills Acquisition of Senior Secondary School Students in Ecology- Dr (Mrs) D. U. Akubuilo

Kierkegaard’s Existentialism and Its Relevance to the Nigerian Situation- G. O. Ozumba Ph.D

Effects of Analogical 'reaching Approach on Students’ Conceptual Change in Physics -C. Matin

The World Wide Web: Communication Mechanism and Components- Ojokoh, 13. A (Mrs) and Prof. (Engr.)Ealaki,S. O

Protein Enrichment of Rice Husk and Ogi Waste Using Torn lops is Glab rata KZOI Isolated From Kunu- Zaki-U.J. J. Ijah; E. P. Dievbiere and A. E Uwabujo

The Language of Poetry: The Igbo Example- Duruji, C. 'I.

The Plight of Career Women: Strategies for Redress-Umar Jiddari Wasinda (Mrs)

Dealing with Resource Control Controversy in Nigerian Geopolitics: A Basis for Lasting Democracy-Kevin Ejike Chukwu

Education as a Determinant of Women’s Fertility Behavoiur:A Case Study of Pankshin Town in Plateau State-Marcus IN. Danjuma

Job Creation in Nigeria through Sustainable Development and Maintenance of Physical Infrastructure-Iyi, Edmund A and Ugwu, Lucy IN. (Mrs)

A Critique of Lewis’ Theory of Economic Growth S. Olayinka Opafola

National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP):Problems and Prospects- Odi Nwankwo

An Appraisal Of Teaching Methods In Fine And Applied Arts In Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria - Michael Olusoji Fadare

Funding the Universal Basic Education (U.B.E) Scheme: The Wav Forward- Abubakar, Abu

Poverty Alleviation and National Development in Nigeria -Etchie T. Peter

Democratization of the Administrative Process in Nigeria Secondary Schools: Strategies and Challenges Nwadum, Nick Nnansia

Nutritional Potential Of Sesamunindicum “Karkashi” As Protein And Fat Supplements In Human Diet -Boryo D. E. A; Ljebor, John And; T. A. Oke

Corruption In Nigeria: Etiology, Consequences And Remedies ¬Fan Akpan Fan

Materials Scheduling, Procurement and Waste Control on Building Construction Sites-BIder. Akinloye Lawal

A Historic Epitome of Culture Contact on our Traditional Architecture- Waziri, S. G.

Human Rights And The Nigerian Court Bar. (Mrs) Nneoma Iroaganachi

Protein Enrichment Of Rice Husk And Ogi Waste Using Torulopsis Glabrata Kz01 Isolated From Kunu - Zaki -U. J. J. Ijah, E. P. Dievbiere and A. E. Uwabujo