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Volume 14 No. 1

Volume 14 No 1. March, 2021
ISSN: 0331-4790
The Study of Literature as a Critical Factor in Revamping Education for Meeting the Needs and Challenges of E-Learning in Nigeria - Abubakar Yusuf Tondi 1

Role of Mathematics in ICT by Enhancing Family Dynamic - Abubakar Attahiru; Abubakar Ibrahim Gandi and Lawali Abubakar 10

The Teacher Factor and the Challenges of Revamping Education Tailored to Meeting the Needs of E-Learning in Nigeria - Abdullahi Adamu Babangida and Binta Aminu Bisalla 22

Emerging Quality Assurance Strategies Required of Vocational and Technology Education Lecturers to Revamp Technology Education in Rivers State - Prof P.C Okwelle, I. D. Ojotule & Tombari Y. Beako 36

Revamping Education for Meeting the Needs and Challenges of E-Learning in Nigeria - Dibbari Celestina John 51

E-learning and Covid-19: The Challenges of Students in Tertiary Institutions: A Case of Abia State College of Education (Tech) Arochukwu - Iheonunekwu, Solomon Nwaobolor Ph.D; Stephen, Amaraihu and Amarachi, Favour Moghalu 63

E-learning for Biology Delivery in Colleges of Education: Challenges and Prospects - Lauratu Adamu Kurawa 79

Revamping University Education for Meeting the Needs and Challenges Of E-Learning in Nigeria - Dr Stella C. Ezeh; Dr Cecilia A. Ekemezie and Paschal S. Okafor 89

Revamping the Tertiary Institution Educational System in Nigeria through E-Learning: A Review of Benefits and Challenges of E-Learning B. R. Allison and A. H. Paul 109

Revamping Information Services through Digital Libraries and Mobile Technological Based Library Services to meet the Needs and Challenges of E-Learning - Sheila U. Njuku 126

Challenges and Prospects of Teaching and Learning of Agricultural Science via E-Learning in a Post Covid-19 Nigerian School Environment - Lilian Okwundu Unigwe and Charles N. Anyachor 139

E-Learning as an Effective Method of Education Delivery in Nigeria - Dr. Ndidi Loretta Okeke 150

E-Learning: Towards the Realisation of the United Nations Goals for 2030 in Nigeria - Terfa Jato and Tivzua Belle Gboko 160

Refurbish Education to Meet the Needs and Challenges of E-Learning in Nigeria - David Haruna Achimugu 174

Learning Package: Effective Instructional Strategy for Teaching and Learning Technical Skills and Competences - Dr. Dennis D. Duru 186

Rating of Factors Affecting the Application of Online Education in the Business Education Programme in Tertiary Institutions Amidst the Covid 19 Pandemic in Anambra State - Dr. N.H. Uzo-Okonkwo and Bethel A. Okeke 194

Reducing Electoral Campaign Violence in Elections in the Fourth Republic in Nigeria through E-politics - Helen Nnedinso Ozioko 209

Revamping Educational System and the Challenges of E-Learning in Nigeria Institutions - Prof. Reko Okoye 231

Revamping Education for Meeting the Needs and Challenges of E-Learning in Nigeria - Dr Jonathan Ugwu Okwor; Dr U. C. Onyemauche and Amuche Nkiruka Okeke 237

Revamping Teacher Education for Meeting the Needs of E-Learning In Nigeria: Counselling Implications - Uju .P. Egenti, PhD 248

Towards Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills Needed by Building Technology Education Students to be Self-Reliant Economically after Graduation - Ugwoegbulem Pedro Agundu 263