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Teacher Perspective Volume 3 No.2

Teachers are the implementers of all policies and programmes in the
nation’s educational system. They are indispensable in this task.
Therefore, they must be kept abreast with the times in order to meet
issuing challenges in the job else the nation will be eclipsed by
ignorance. This paper attempted an investigation into the opinions of
teacher educators drawn from all levels of the Nigerian educational
system as it concerns having a befitting teacher programme for realizing
the Universal Basic Education (UBE) objectives. To achieve this
purpose, a 12 item questionnaire was administered to a purposive
sample of 7,500 respondents drawn from the 10 states of the South East
and South South geopolitical zones of Nigeria at all levels of the
educational system. The research questions were analyzed using means
and standard deviation. All the respondents had the opinion that
befitting teacher education be put in place for an expediently managed
UBE programme. This was indicated by mean scores ranging from 1.6
to 3.3 with standard deviations of 0.30 to 0.61. Five recommendations
were made