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1. Responsibilities of the Community in Educating the Nigerian Child in the 21st Century -Assoc. Prof. Stella O. Agu

2. Parenting Styles Towards Personality Realization of the Child in Uyo Society -A.A. Agbaje, Ph.D

3. The Emerging Roles and Responsibilities of Family/Community/Society in Entrepreneurship Education/Skills Acquisition -Doris Gibert Nria

4. Strategies for Teaching Entrepreneurship Education in Technical Colleges in Akwa Ibom State -Dr. Sunday I. Efanga

5. Entrepreneurial Education as a Means of Generating Employment Opportunities for Technical Education Graduates -E.O. Besmart-Digbori (Ph.D)

6. Participation of NGOs in Education and the Sustainable Development of Instructional and Health Facilities: School Management Perspective -Egwuasi Princewill Ikechukwu; Dr. Felicia S. Ekpu and Okodoko, Diepriye

7. Emerging Trends in the Education Process: Implications for Community Agencies in Nigeria -Gladys A. Onwuna

8. Developing Entrepreneurial Skills through School Mathematics Education -Anyagh, P.I and O’kwu, E.I

9. Vocational and Technical Education as a Strategy for Promoting the Realization of Vision 2020 -Angela Obose Oriazowanlan and Prince Law Umunna

10. The Role of Parents in Promoting Quality Education for Nigerian Child in the 21st Century -Reuben I. Otoja

11. English Language as a Tool for Scholarship -Peter Atem Ako and Emmanuel Odzang

12. Challenges of Girl-Child Education in the 21st Century: The Way Forward -Hannah Oga

13. Let Nigeria Invest More on Technical and Vocational Education for Industrialization and Reduction in Unemployment -Victor Onwukwe

14. Emerging Roles and Responsibilities of the Society in Ensuring Food Security in Nigeria in the 21st Century -Halima E. Ibrahim

15. Protecting the Rights of Women: The Role of the Family in the 21st Century -Mary O. Otoja

16. Educational Administration as a Means of Promoting the Role of the Family and Society in Education in Nigeria in the 21st Century -Michael Omotayo Dare (Ph.D)

17. The Relationship between Academic Performance of Orphans and Non-Orphans in Mathematics and English Language -Olorunmonu Ade Moody

18. The Roles and Responsibilities of Community in Managing Uncontrolled Physical Development in Open Spaces along Major Roads in Urban Kano -Adamu Ibrahim Kabuga

19. Roles and Responsibilities of the Society in Promoting Scientific Literacy in the 21st Century -Egbe Emmanuel Onah and Ogbene Alice Enuma

20. Community Roles in Nigerian Education System: The Case of Libraries,Computer/Information and Communication Technology -Lubabatu Abdulkarim

21. Re-Positioning Nursery Education for Effectiveness in Nigerian Educational System in the 21st Century -Gilbert T.D. Amatefe

22.Roles and Responsibilities of the Family in the Moral Education of the Nigerian Child -Lami Ofie

23. Educating the Nigerian Child at the Primary School Level: Implications for the Family and Community -Mbayuav, S.T and Rev. Anyam, P.T

24. Collaborative Roles of the Family, Society and School Towards Effective Management of 21st Century Secondary Education in Nigeria -Amina Suleiman Umar

25. Parenting Challenges for the 21st Century Nigerian Child: A Social Studies Perspective -T.S. Ahmad

26. Emerging Roles of Community Agencies in the Management of Primary Schools in Nigeria -Patrick Oladunjoye (Ph.D)

27. Virtues of Religions: The Challenge to Community Responsibilities and Modifications of Wayward Behavioural Patterns -Juliet I. Ezedike