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Knowledge Review Vol. 26 No 4



1. Significant Trends in Teaching Surface Area of a Cuboid in Junior Secondary Schools - Assoc. Prof. Aminu Dalhat Kankia

2. Relevance of Basic Science Curriculum for Entrepreneurship Skills Acquisition - Dr. Winifred Chidimma Onwuachu and Dr. Patience O. Okoye

3. A Research on the Use of Effective Communication in Reducing the Grievances of Students of Higher Institutions Against Management - James Okechukwu Abugu

4. Re-engineering Physical Education for Employment and Self Productivity in Nigeria - Atufe Ufuoma

5. Glass Production, A Veritable Tool for Employment and Self-Productivity in Nigeria - Anslem O. Agbini; Isaiah O. Otalekor; Emudianughe T. Prosper and Kate E. Mokoba

6. Gender, Literacy and Lifelong Learning for Self Reliance and Productivity - Faustinus Uche Mcalbert and Chinwendu Samuel Obasi

7. Influence of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Business Education Programme in Tertiary Institution - Adekoya Opeyemi Jonathan

8. The Implication of Drug Abuse on the Spread of HIV/AIDS Scourge
in the Society
- S.I. Aghulor; Justus C. Iwegbu and J.E. Emuebie

9. Re-Positioning Language Studies at Universal Basic Education Level to Enhance Language Proficiency and Socio-Economic Development - Ani Calistus Odo

10. Security Threats Resolutions in E-Commerce: A Mirage - Abere Reuben and Okotie Williams

11. Re-engineering Vocational Education for Skill Acquisition in
Nigerian Secondary Schools
- Rachael Likachi Urenyere and Eziaghighala Happiness Okwudili

12. Generator-driven Economy and the Prospects of Vision 20:2020 - Adeola Oluwakemi Ogunbadeniyi

13. Re-engineering Language Education - Theodor Okafor

14. Infrastructural Decadence: A Challenge in Secondary Schools and to Quality Education in Nigeria - Joshua Olalere and Amina Isyaku

15. Sources of Ethical Misuse and Implications for Usage of Research Results by Managers in Nigeria - Scott Ogini

16. Bring Back the Book: The Roles of Libraries and Librarians in Promotion of Reading and Literacy in Nigeria - Godwin Chidiebere Irunegbo; Obinna Nosike Obialor; Nkechi Igbokwe and Chimezie Magnus Alahie

17. An Analysis of Teaching Techniques for Health Knowledge
Achievement in Schools in Kogi State, Nigeria
- Sunday Oni Owojaiye, Ph.D and Gilbert Olatunji Obajemu, Ph.D

18. Manpower Development in Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) A Prerequisite for the Technological Development of Nigeria - Musa Sheriff Urama and Okorieocha Christopher Ndudi, Ph.D

19.Enhancing Business Organization’s Productivity Through Motivational Strategies: Implication for Business Managers - Bernard Obinna Onyenwe and Ngozichukwuka C. Obi

20. Re-engineering Arabic Language Education for Nigerian Educational System - Imam Mohammed Sanusi

21. An overview of 1989 Loko Flood Disaster and its Mitigation Measures in Adamawa State of Nigeria - A. Aliyu and K.U. Orisakwe, (Ph.D)

22. The Syntactic Interference of Ika Language on English Performance of Ika Native Speakers: A Study of the Noun Phrase Structure -Rosemary E. Chiedu

23. Demand Forcasting Model for a Manufacturing Company -E. O. Nwachukwu, O. V. Anthony and A. A. Mohammed

24. The Importance of Secretarial Skills in Human Capital Development in Nigeria -Anita O. Amiaya