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VOL. 1 NO. 1, JULY, 2012

1. Teacher’s Experience and Willingness to be Evaluated for Accountability in Achieving the Millennium Development Goal in Cross River State -
Clement O. Ukpor; Rev. Prof. Imo E.Umoinyang and Delight O. Idika

2. Agricultural Education and Training: Veritable Tool for Attainment of MDG 1 -
Dr. Edith O. Ojiako

3.Towards Improving School Facilities in the Universal Basic Education Scheme for the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for Sustainability
- Uto I. Archibong and Dr. Cecilia E. Okon

4. The Role of Science, Technology and Mathematics Education in the Achievement of Millennium Development Goals for Sustainability - S. T. Mbayuav

5. The Issues and Challenges in Adult and Non-Formal Education in Achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Nigeria - Dr. E. O. Aruma

6. A Collective Behaviour Towards an Advocacy for Persons with Learning Disabilities: A Sociological
- Maria I. Etokebe; Ekpedeme T. Ekpro and Iniobong G. Ekpo

7. Legal Implications of MDGs in Library Sustainability in the 21st Century - Mbuotidem O. Umoh

8. Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Education - Dr. J. C. Anyafulude

9. Self-Reliance and Empowerment: The Imperative of Entrepreneurship Education - Ugochukwu K. Agi,Ph.D

10. Entrepreneurship Education: A Panacea for Sustainable Development in Nigeria - Dr. A.G. Ossai and E. N. Nwalado

11. Functional Teacher Education: A Sine Qua Non for Poverty Reduction in Nigeria in Line With
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
- Dr. Stephen A. Adah; Dr. Okorn Osam and Dr. Stella –Maris A. Okey

12. Sustainability and Achievements of Science,Technology and Mathematics Education in
Millennium Development Goals in Nigeria
- Aminat Olubukola Jimoh and Fidelia Nkeshita

13. Information and Communication Technology for UBE Implementation in Nigeria: An Imperative for Achieving Sustainable Millennium Development Goals - Dr. I. Robert-Okah

14. Universal Basic Education and the Achievement of the Millennium Development Goals by the
Year 2015 Target
- Salmamza Dibal

15. Parental Awareness and Involvement in the Achievement of Educational Policy on
Universal Basic Education (UBE): Implication for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
David Otu Effiom, Ph.D.; Elizabeth Ushang Apebende, Ph.D.; Akpo Offiong Bassey, Ph.D. and Mbang Ekong Imona,Ph.D.

16. The Need for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Libraries for Meeting the
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
- Jane Ngozi Ekwueme

17. Examination Malpractice in Nigerian Schools: An Obstacle to Progress in Socialization in School
Environment: Causes, Effects and Remedy
- Osbert Esikpong Asinya

18. Effective Teacher Utilization Strategy and Successful Implementation of Education for Achieving
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs): Educational Administrator’s Role
- Catherine Ngozi Obi

19. A Study of the Provision of Potable Water to Five Selected Towns in Awgu Local Government
Area (LGA) of Enugu State
- Henrietta I. Kelle; Fidelis C. Ibekwe and Joy Obielumani

20. Women Education and Empowerment as a Means of Achieving Millennium Development Goals -
Terna Vincent Tavershima

21. Entrepreneurship Education, a Lead to Millennium Nosike Development Goals (MDGs) for Sustainability -
Emmanuel Chimaobi

22. Quality Entrepreneurship Education: A Panacea for Job Creation in Nigeria -
Joseph O. Olorumolu and Esther Abdul Agbede

23. Millennium Development Goals and the Language Mohammed Teachers Development: A Case for English
Language Teachers in Nigeria
- Hissham Aliyu B.

24. Distance Learning in the Digital Age: Comments on the Role and Challenges to University Libraries in Nigeria - Blessing C. Onu and C. P. C. Onwubiko

25. Effect of Study Habit on Students’ Academic Performance - Caroline B. Obasoro, Ph.D. and Israel Oluwatosin Ayodele

26. Strategies for Functional Curriculum Implementation in Nigerian Secondary Schools:
Challenges for Teachers
- Ruth Foluke Adebile