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The Intuition Vol. 2 No. 1

VOLUME 2 NO. 1, November, 2012

ISSN: 2276 - 9692


1. Effects of Use of Igbo Language on Academic Achievement of Primary School Pupils in Social Studies in Isuikwuato Local Government Area of Abia State - Prof. T. N. Kanno; Dr. Jane A. E. Onyeachu and Assoc. Prof. B. U. Maduewesi

2. Evaluation of the Heavy Metals Status of Soil of Oko (Oshimili South L.G.A.) Delta, Nigeria Using ATI Unicam AAS - C. Ogwu, (Ph.D); Prof. O. A. Bamgboye and Prof. S. Bakre

3. Application of ICT for Improvement of Teaching and Learning of Christian Religious Knowledge in Nigerian Schools - Dr. P. I. Eze

4. Influence of Changing Roles of Igbo Women on Choice of Academic Disciplines: Prospects for Future Development of Igbo Society - Dr. Mary Felicia Opara and Dr. Mary Noelle Ethel Ezeh

5. Female Genital Mutilation: Its Health Implication - E. J. Ibeagha, Ph.D and N. E. Ibeagha

6. The Social and Psychological Implications of Adolescent Unwanted Pregnancies in Port Harcourt Metropolis Rivers State, Nigeria - Ambakederemo Elizabeth Tonbra, (Ph.D)

7. The Evolution of Vocational Education in Nigeria and its Role in National Development - Godwin A. Akpan, Ph.D; Hogan S. Usoro, Ph.D and King S. Ibiritam

8. Evaluation of Some Approved Primary Science Textbooks in Use in Public Primary Schools in Ebonyi State of Nigeria - Dr. C. E. Nwafor

9. Youth Empowerment as a Strategy for Promoting Sustainable Development in Nigeria - Dr. E. O. Aruma

10. Corruption and Public Accountability in the Local Government System in Nigeria - Dr. Akpanim N. Ekpe and Umoh A. Kofi

11. Factors Militating Against the Adoption of ICT as an Innovation for Girl-Child Education - Adeboga Deborah Yetunde

12. Demographic Variation in Nigerian Suicide Rates: The Akwa Ibom State Experience (1990 –2004) Education - C. U. Atiatah, (Ph.D)

13. Problem Solving Competencies Required by Business Education Graduates for Effective Performance in Office Occupations - C. A. Oduma and C. M. Ile

14. The Role of the Visual Artist in a Visible World - G. Esebameh; P. Otimeyin and D. Osariyekemwen

15. The Impact of Capital Expenditure in the Nigeria Public Sector on Economic Growth -Vincent E. Agunuwa and Jude O. Nomuoja

16. Rural Dominance and Ineffective Rural Development Programmes as Challenges to Increase Agricultural
Production and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria:Cross River State Example
-Raymond Ekam Matiki, (Ph.D)

17.Translating Medical Terms into Tiv Language – Problems and Prospects -Akase Tiav Thomas

18. Challenges of Information Communication Technology (ICT) as a Measure for Comparability of Quality Assurance Indices in Teacher Education -C. I. Enunwah; Dr. C. E. Okon and Dr. A. M. Akwa

19. Managing the Productivity of Hyperactive Children through Movement Education in Schools -Justina Odigie

20. Leadership as a Challenge to Human Capital Development in Nigeria -Ibraheem A. O. Obori

21. Education System in India: Issues and Challenges -Dr. Tek Chand Rawat

22. Towards an Effective Evaluation of Science Education Curriculum in Nigeria -Tanimu N. Mundi

23. The Relevance, Prospects and the Challenges of the Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria -Edith Oyati