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Approaches in International Journal of Research Development

VOLUME 4 NO. 1 APRIL, 2011


1. Do We Really Need More Universities in Nigeria? Emeka Maduewesi, Esq

2. Metaphysical Causal Agents in African Traditional Society: A Philosophical Analysis of Benin- Traditional Thought System Dr. J. A. Aigbodioh; Dr. Godwin Onos Idjakpo and Dr. John Osarenmwinda Ehigie

3. Curriculum as an Intervention in Discriminations Prejudices against Women in Benue State of and of Nigeria Dr. David Amokaha Aboho; Rachel M. Aboho and Princewill I. Egwuasi

4. The Domestic Context of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Formulation Dr. Lambert Uyi Edigin and Dr. Aiguosatile Otoghile

5. Interest Development in Science by Pre-Primary and Primary School Pupils: Role of School Meal Plus Programme Dr. C. E. Idoko

6. Poverty Issues among Youths: Challenges for Higher Education in Africa Dr. Nkechi J. Okoli and Dr. Susan N. Oranusi

7. Effective School Administration to Create Entrepreneurship Spirit Among Students Towards Achieving Vision-2020 Objectives in Nigeria Dr Nneka G. Nwaka

8. A Comparative Analysis of the South Africa Curriculum Provision and that of Nigeria Dr. Sunday Zulu

9. Health Education as a Tool for Preventing the Burden of Chronic Diseases in Primary Schools Richard O. Okaka and Dr. P. O. Obasanmi

10. Entrepreneurial Training as a Means of Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria Enesi Y. Sadiku and Michael Ocheibi Odei

11. Social Studies Education: A Distinctive Value for the Attainment of Vision 20: 2020 in Nigeria Tijani O. Abdulgafar Musa Y. Ibrahim and Abubakar M Abubakar

12. Entrepreneurial and Functional Business Education as Means of Achieving the National Objectives of Vision 2020 in Nigeria Dr. Samuel W. Aluwong

13. Achieving Democratic Education in Africa Through Learner-Centred Pedagory: The Challenge of Transition Sylvester Okenyi, (Ph.D)

14. Policy Issues in Technology: A Challenge to Technical/Vocational Education Training Dr. Hogan Usoro; Udom Thompson Ubok and A. Udo Inwang

15. Effects of Cassava Effluent on Egbema Denizens: A Case of Mmahu Community in Egbema Ray N. Otunne and Prof. P.D.S. Kinako

16. Gerundivization in Ògbahù - Ìgbò Georgina O. Maduagwu

17. Revamping the Business Education Programme at the Secondary Education Level Dr. Robert Asuelimen Esene

18. Culture, Personality and Society Dr. P. B. Badey

19. Implementation of ICT in Educational Curriculum to Enhance Learning in Primary and Secondary Schools in Anambra State Dr. Joy Chinwe Obunadike

20. Relationship between Indicators of Discipline and Academic Performance in Selected Federal Government Unity Secondary Colleges (FGCS)and Implication for School Managers and Administrators Dr. O. Taiwo Omotayo

21. The Extent of Entrepreneurial Education Implementation in Technical Education Programes of Some Selected Colleges of Education in Nigeria Dr. Orame S. P. Alaku

22. The Igbabonelimhin Dance: The Origin Chris Omigie Atuegbe

23. Improving Productivity through Control Mechanism at Adamawa Property Development and Investment Company Oliver Yusuf Bongotons

24. The Effectiveness of Individualized Instruction Strategy in Clothing Construction and Alteration J. E. Anene-Okeakwa

25. Aspects of Textual Cohesion in Selected Poems of J.P. Clark-Bekederemo Ebi Yeibo

26. Information and Communication Technology Competencies Required of NCE Business Education Graduates Tega Phoebe Agbamu

27. Sensitivity Analysis: A Technique for Investigating the Impact of Changes in Project Variables O. F. Nwanekezie; A. N. Iroegbu; C. L. Wogu and K. A Okorocha

28. ICT and the Dynamics of University Education Efe Francis Ejedafiru and Amina Blessing Akporhonor

29. Probable Practical Evaluation in Visual Arts in Nigeria for Quality Certificationn Ikechukwu Ibude P. O. Otimeyin; D. N. Osariyekemwen and G. O. Esebameh

30. Managing Adolescents’ Maladaptive Behaviour in Nigerian Secondary Schools Peter Kwaja and Felicia O. Mormah

31. Developing Entrepreneurial Skills through Functional Science and Technology Education in Nigeria Dinatu Umwanat Davou and Tagans Yohanna

32. Entrepreneurial and Functional Vocational Education as a Means of Achieving the National Objectives of Vision 20:2020 in Nigeria Eucharia Obiageli Nwodoh

33. The Entrepreneurship and the Economy’s Fundamentals in Nigeria for National Development Musa J. Haruna

34. Drama, a Vocational Tool for Achieving the National Objectives of Vision 20:2020 in Nigeria Stella O. Okafor

35. Casualization of Labour: A Study of Contract Workers in Chevron Nigeria Limited (Escravos) Delta State Assoc. Prof. Regina U. Obi, (Ph.D.) and Juliet Esieboma

36. Good Time Management: An Asset for Students and National Development Assoc. Prof. Gloria I. Osa-Edoh and Francis E. S. Ugiagbe