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Knowledge Review Vol. 20 No.2 April, 2010 ISSN: 1595-2126



1. Sudan: A Test Case for African Union and Conflict Mission - Lambert Uyi Edigin, Ph.D

2. The Relevance of Family Life and HIV/AIDS Education (FLHE) to Reproductive Health Needs in Secondary School Students in Rivers State - Dr. S.N. Oranusi

3. Patterns and Changes in Nigerian Civic Culture: Communication as a Tool for Increased Political Participation Doing the 2007 General elections - Jospeh Oluchukwu Wogu

4. Towards a Theory of Job Satisfaction for the Nigerian Worker - V.A. Dibua; J.O. Adeoye and Ben Ewemie

5.The Role of Local Government in Rural Development Issues - Jide Ibietan

6. Education and Training of Structural Engineers at a Time of
Global Economic Meltdown
- O.E. Alutu and O.R. Ogirigbo

7. Comparative Analysis of the Shielding Adequacy of X-ray Rooms in Three X-Ray Centres: Tees Diagnostic Hospital University College Hospital and Adeoyo Hospital in Ibadan - C.N. Eze

8. Graphic Illustrators on Industrial Safety Devices: A Case Study of Superco Industry in Bauchi, Bauchi State - Ahmed Suraj Ibrahim

9. Markov Chain Processes and Cassava Price Forecasting in Edo State - Henry, Ineghedion and Joseph Agbadudu

10. Restoring Nigeria’s Lead in Gum Arabic Production: Prospects and
- M.U.B. Makwunye and O. Aghughu

11. Accounting for Diesel: Issues Involved - Lawrence Ayemere Ibadin and Jonathan A. Okunbor

12. The Potential Role of ICT for Rurual Development - A.B. Obativere; B.A. Edward and G. Ogbogbo

13. Language of Communication: A Veritable Tool for Transmitting Culture in Nigerian Society - Ike-Okafor (Ifensor)

14. Alleviation of Urban Poverty in Nigeria - A.N. Iroegbu; H.C. Umunnakwe; S.I. Ogbaaand J.C.N. Ukwumah

15. Influence of Selected Demographic Variables on Professional Effectiveness of Business Teachers in Secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State - Udeme Samuel Ikpo

16. Importation and Economic Development in Nigeria: An Analytical Approach - Iweama, Vincent Okwudili

17. Effects of Gender Difference and Self-Monitoring Strategy on
Self-Efficacy Belief of Science Standards
- Dr. Christopher C. Obi and Mary-Ann Oghenejode

18. Application of Environmental Management Accounting to the Management of Selected Companies in Nigeria - Ndidika Livinus Akamobi

19. The Place of Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Strategies for Effective Teaching and Learning Processes - J.A. Abidoye and S.O. Aderele

20. Problems Militating Against Utilization of Information Resources/Services by Law Students at the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria - Ngozi Blessing Ossai