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Nigerian Journal of Research and Production Vol. 20 No. 1

Nigerian Journal of Research and Production
Vol. 20 No. 1, April, 2012

ISSN: 1596-6615


1. The Strategic Benefits of Consumer Oriented Approach to Insurance Marketing in Nigeria -Shed Chinwuba Moguluwa, Ph.D

2. Tone Occurrences in Mbube -Dr. Georgina O. Maduagwu

3. Property Optimization in Synthetic Production of Plaster Of Paris for Use as Dental Material -J. O. Akinnifesi and R. O. Ogunbodede

4. Improvement of Examination Ethics Under the Universal Basic Education Programme -Dr. Gabriel Anijiofor Okafor

5. Availability and Utilization of Instructional Materials as Factors of Students’ Academic Performance in Geography in Ondo State Senior Secondary Schools -J. A. Abidoye and S. O. Ogunniyi

6. Rewarding Employees at Work Places -Adebola N. Tugbobo

7. Globalization And African Development: A Praxis of the Neo Classical Perspective -Godson Ajuzie

8. Poverty and Human Trafficking in Africa: Implications for Educational Development in the Niger Delta -Dr. C N. Ozurumba

9. Progress and Problems of Implementation of the Universal Basic Education Programmes in Ebonyi State -Nwite Onuma, Ph.D. and Adali Onele, Ph.D.

10. Management Problems of University Education in Nigeria -Ike Nnia Mba SR., Ph.D.

11. Learning Styles: Origin, Theories, Implications for Teaching And Learning in Secondary Schools -Adachukwu N. Mbaegbu

12. Educational Supervision: Concepts and Practice with Reference to Oyo State, Nigeria - O. A. Olorode and A. O. Adeyemo

13. Educational Constructivism: Application to Instructional Design and Teaching in Science
and Technology
- Miriogu Chimdi Ahamefula

14. Development of Shea Nut Oil Extracting Machine - Samuel Adeoye Akanji

15. Developing an Efficient Method for Ogi Production: Towards Educating the Rural Women - John O. Okara and Osita O. Lokoyi

16. Rebranding Education through Entrepreneurship Training in Business Management - Chikwuo S. Udu

17. Music Education and Social Commitment - Kassim A. Oghiator

18. The Challenges of Educational Technology in Sustainable Development in Nigerian Schools - Sina O. Ayelaagbe and James Abidoye