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Nigerian Journal of Research and Production Vol. 21 No. 1

Nigerian Journal of Research and Production
Vol. 21 No. 1, November, 2012

ISSN: 1596-6615


1. The Antecedent Factors Predisposing Secondary School Students to Drug Abuse in Nigeria -Peter Onhwosafe, Ph.D

2. Effects of Knowledge Mapping and Alternative to Linear and Note Taking on Student’s Academic Achievement in Geography -Gabriel A. Okafor, (Ph.D) and Casmir N. Ebouh, Ph.D

3. Estimation of Linear Distributed Lag (KOYCK) Model Heavily Troubled With Autocorrelation -Dr. David F. Adiele

4. Effective Management of Agricultural Extension Education in Nigeria: Implications for the Millennium Development Goals, Vision 20, 2020/ Transformation Agenda -Dr. Leonard C. Chukwu

5. Agricultural Education as a Tool for Entrepreneurial Skills Training for Sustainable Cassava Production in Delta State -John F.O. Akpomedaye, Ph.D

6. A Critique of Some Forms and Content of Biblical Paintings of Artists of the 14th to 17th Century -John Otu

6. Understanding Nutrients: A Panacea for
Healthy Eating
-Dr. Joy-Telu Hamilton Ekeke

7. Economic Diplomacy and Poverty Reduction in Liberia: Analysis of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Foreign Policy -Marcel Onyema Eze, Ph.D

8. Pre-marital Counselling Influence on Social Adjustment and Marital Stability among Couples in Enugu Metropolis -Dr. Anthonia Chinonyelum Egbo

9. Development of Kerosene Incubator for Egg Hatchery -Samuel Adeoye Akanji and Gideon A. Duvuna

10. Conducive Learning Environment: A Panacea for Effective Learning among Adult Learners -C.O. Madu and Ogechi R. Obiozor

11. An Audiological Care of Industrial Noise – Induced Hearing Loss in Nigeria -Dr. Sunday Oni Owojaiye, Ph.D and Gilbert Olatunji Obajemu, Ph.D

12. Gender as Predictor of Attitude towards HIV Counselling Testing amongst Road Safety Personnel in Imo State, Nigeria -Ndidi M. Ofole and Marian O. Ofor

13. Music Education Vocation for Human Capital Development -Peace Temabor Abugu

14. Level of Awareness by Gamesmasters in Secondary Schools in Ezeagu Local Government Area Enugu State, Nigeria of the Negative Effects of Ergogenic Aids in Sports -Dr. Elias Ifeanyichukwu Eze

15. The Relative Efficacy of Music and Culture in National Development -Chris M. Nwaneri

16. Traditional Balanced Scorecard and Modern Times Challenges -Akhidime Augustine Ehijeagbon and Okoye Arinze Eric, Ph.D

17. Level of Knowledge and Practice of Breast Self Examination (BSE) among Female Health Education
Techers in Udi Education Zone
-Dr. F.C. Ejike

18. Motivating the Nigerian Youths towards Involvement in Vocational Technical Education: A Key to Peace Maintenance -Chikwuo S. Udu