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VOLUME 1 NO. 1, APRIL , 2010

ISSN: 2141 4807


1. Modelling and Simulating the Effect of Velocity o f Fluid Distribution on Physical Parameters of Stanton and Euler Number on a Steam Heater Tube - C.P. Ukpaka; Eno E. Okon and T. S. Farrow

2. Identification, Causes and Prevention of Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDS) in the Construction Industry in Nigeria - C. A. John (Ph.D); N. A. Nwankwor and T. J. Tika

3. Hotel Management in Hospitality Industry - Theresa Ebighgbo

4. Assessment of the Effectiveness of Extension Agents in Delta Central Agricultural Zone - Dr. J.F.O. Akpomedaye

5. Mu’azu Mohammed Sani’s Developmental Stages of Executing Splashing and Sprinkling Techniques of Painting - Mu’azu Mohammed Sani

6. Urbanisation and Geomorphic Characteristics of Warri River - J. O.A. Mogborukor

7. Effects of Cooperative Societies on Poverty Alleviation among Foodcrop Farmers in Ijebu – North Local Government Area, Ogun State - E. O. Akerele and A.O. Idowu

8. Environmental Enlightenment and Awareness towards Environmental Sustainability in Zuba Town of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Nigeria - S. Ishaya and I. A. Ojelade

9. Poverty and Non-Farm Income Activities in the Rural Economy: Evidence from Farm Households in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria - O. A. C. Ologbon; A.O. Idowu and A.O. Otunaiya

10. Comparative Analysis of Pawpaw Wine Produced by Spontaneous and Controlled Fermentation - Y.O Sadoh and B.R.Seghosime

11. Impact of the Dependency Character of the Nigerian State on Development - Samuel Olushola Ajagun (Ph.D)

12. Pedagogical Approach to Entrepreneurship Education in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions - Joseph Okifo and Abel O. Ayo

13. Analysis of Causes for Reject X-Ray Films as a Quality Assurance Element in Diagnostic Radiology in Jos University Teaching Hospital(JUTH) - S.O Anikoh; Habila Nuhu; W.E Mangset and S. P. Mallam

14. Development of a Power Point Instructional Material for Junior Secondary School (UBE 1-3) Agricultural Science - O. A. Adedeji and F.O. Adegunloye (Ph. D)

15. Achieving Environmental Improvement in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria -Joseph A. Akinniyi

16. Impact of Climate Change on Soil Fertility Status in Agbarho, Delta State, Nigeria -Ushurhe Ochuko

17. Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Science Education: Issues and Challenges -Effoing E. Okon-Enoh and Moses E. Ushie

18. Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Agricultural Extension Delivery System -Sunday Moses Oluyomi

19. Challenges of Information and Communication Technology in Science Education: Issues and Challenges -Mary N. Muoneke and Emmanuel Nkoro Asagha

20. Adopting Mastery Learning for Effective Curriculum Globalization in Secondary School Biology: A Strategy for National Growth And Productivity Through Science -Patrick C. Chikobi (Ph.D); Lawrence U. Ezeani (Ph.D) and Kate O. Ezeoba

21. Effects of Cooking Time on the Nutritive Values of African Yam Bean (Sphenostylis Stenocarpa) -A.C. Christopher; F. U. Igene and S. O. Oboh