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JOURNAL OF TEACHER PERSPECTIVE Volume 7, July/2013, Number 3, ISSN: 2006 -0173


Volume 7 July/2013 Number 3

1. Repositioning Education in Nigeria to Tackle the Challenges of Poverty, Self-Reliance and National Development -Prof. Adagba Okpaga

2. Universal Basic Education (UBE) the Base for Poverty Eradication and Self Reliance -Elizabeth Ushang Apebende, Ph.D; Sylverous Banbeshie Ogar and Cecilia A. Beshel, Ph.D

3. Counselling the Rural Women Farmers for Poverty Reduction in Nkwot in Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria -Conchi Miriam Brown, (Ph.D.)

4. Education, Poverty Eradication and Self Reliance: Implications for Secondary School Curriculum -Kenneth Uzochukwu Ezugwu

5. Re-generating Science and Technology Curricula Implementation at Junior Secondary School for Self Reliance and National Development -Dr. Stephen Akomaye Adah and Dr. James O. Ibe

6. Challenges and Prospects of Nomadic Education in Nigeria -Mbayuav Slyvester Terna

7. Gender Inequality in Education: Detriment to Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) -Musa Umar Babi; Fatsuma Sabo Dantamas and Ifeoma Kate Obiejesi

8. Innovations for Salvaging Teacher Education in Nigeria -Douglas O. Nwaokugha, (Ph.D) and Celestina I. Harry,(Ph.D)

9. Cultivating the Use of Library in Enhancing Reading Culture for Poverty Eradication, Self- Reliance and National Development -Gloria Oyovwe Tinuoye and E. E. Oniyama , Ph.D

10. Empowering the Nigerian Youth for Global Challenges -Terna Vincent Tavershima

11. Education, Job Creation and Sustainable Living/Self Reliance for National Development: Implications for Counselling -F. O. Okoro

12. Youth Empowerment and Sustainable Development in Nigeria -Ianna Jato

13. Reward as Correlate of Workers’ Performance in an Organization -Solomon Iheonunekwu; Rev. Fr. Gabriel O. Okoko, (Ph.D) and Rev. Fr. Matthew O.C. Kalu

14. Capacity Building in Teacher Education and the Millennium Development Goals: Issues and Challenges -Amina Abubakar

15. Decision Making Habit and Risk Taking Behaviour as a Determinant of Entrepreneurship Aspirations of Ondo State Tertiary Institution Students -A. A. Akinkuolie and R. O. A. Orifa

16. The 6-3-3-4 System of Education in Nigeria: A Medium for Regenerating Education for National Development? A Critique -Charles Nzulumike; Felicia A. Onyeocha and Innocent C. Oli

17. Regenerating Teacher Education for National Development -David Egbenje Agwu Adoga

18. Regenerating Democracy for Poverty Eradication, Self Reliance and National Development in Nigeria -Jonathan Y. Torkaa and Pobish S. Babuje

19. Educational Technology in Information and Communication (ICT) Age in Nigeria: Problems
and Prospects
-Shuaibu Ayuba and Rabi Bara’u

20. Re-appraising the Current National Policy on Education through Entrepreneurship Training for Rural Women for Functionality and Self-Reliance -Wanonyi Elva Kwala and Mohammed Haruna

21. Regenerating Information and Communication Technologies Education for Poverty Eradication and Self Reliance Using Best Practice Initiatives and Strategies -Hakeem Adewale Sulaimon

22. English Language: A Tool for Eradicating Poverty, Self-Reliance and National Development -Zubaida Yahya Ahmad

23. Regenerating Science and Technology: A Panacea to Poverty Eradication and Self-Reliance -Abdulraheem Jimoh Umar

24. Primary Education in Nigeria for Poverty Eradication, Self Reliance and National Development -Joseph Asemakaha Iyo and Apera Dorcas Mbavekpega

25. Comparative Effectiveness of Cooperative and Individualistic Learning Strategies on Student’s Achievement in Mathematics -Dr. A. A. Popoola and Adewumi Abayomi Joseph

26. Strategies for Enhancing Rural Farmers Cassava Production in Ebonyi State -Ernest Ituma Ogba, Ph.D

27. Human Nutrition Education: A Catalyst for Realization of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Nigeria -Eunice A. Odesiri-Eruteyan

28. Regenerating Education through Mathematics Education for Poverty Eradication, Self-Reliance and National
-Dr. Momoh Sheidu Omeiza

29. Binding Constraints to Realization of Nigeria Vision 20: 2020 -Obioma A. Onwochei and Nwakwushue J.I. Okonkwo