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Nigerian Journal of Research and Production Vol. 16 No. 2

Nigerian Journal of Research and Production
Vol. 16 No. 2, April, 2010


1. The Role of Leaders in Organizational Transformation -Dr. E.K. Agbaeze and Dr. A.S. Eyisi

2. The Challenges of Global Economic Crisis to Housing
Development in Nigeria
-A.N. Iroegbu; C.L. Wogu; K. Obialor and O.F. Nwanekezie

3. Participatory Approaches to the Implementation of Social Studies and Religious Studies Curricula -Omada V. Alachi

4. Rural Women’s Awareness and Perception of Agricultural Extension Services Programmes; Sources of Information and Credit Facilities: A Case Study of Bwari and Kwari Area Councils in Abuja Federal Capital Territory -Elizabeth Bimpe Gbodi (Ph.D) and Ebiai Evelyn Isah Aliyu

5. Impact of Foreign Private Investment (FIP) on the Nigeria Manufacturing Sector -Samson A. Adediran and Olugbenga Ekundayo

6. Geotechnical Characterization of the Subsurface Materials in Paiko Area, Niger State, Nigeria -L.M. Dangana; E.A. Emenike and Abu Mallam

7. The Use of Local Chemicals in Teaching Acid-Base Titration in Secondary Schools -Rev. Nnamdi B. Emendu

8. Moderators of Marital Adjustment Among Married Persons’ in Delta State: Implication for Counselling Practice -E.E. Ebenuwa-Okoh (Ph.D)

9. Technological Aspects of Oil Field Operators in Nigeria -I.I. Ezebuiro and A.A. Osakwe

10. Attainment of the 7-point Agenda in Nigeria through Science and Technology -C.N. Eze

11. The Gap between Globalisation and Socio-Economic Development in Africa -Jide Ibietan

12. Sports Empowerment of the Youths to Accomplish Vision 2020 -Theresa Nkiru Uzor

13. Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as it Relates to Language Education -B.O. Ajisafe

14. The Borderless World: Communication, Power and Sustainable Development in the Niger Delta -Joseph Oluchukwu Wogu

15. Planning for Retirement in the Public and Private Sectors in Nigeria -Dr. Robert A. Esene and B.A. Akeni

16. Motor Vehicle: A Conglomerate of Industrial Material -Kumazhege Stephen Zira and
Dahiru Sale Mohammed

17. Application of ICT in E-Administration in Tertiary Institutions: Prospects and Challenges -Felicia O. Mormah

18. Sustaining the Universal Basic Education Programme in the Millennium Development
-Patrick Oladunjoye (Ph.D)

19. Effectiveness of Fiscal and Monetary Policies as Stabilizing Tools in Recessionary Economies -Ndidika-L. Akamobi

20. Transiting from Vocational Education to Work, Procedure Based on Qualification, in the 21st
-Ikpo, Udeme Samuel

21. Democracy, Popular Participation and Development in Nigeria -E.O. Abah; E.M. Osezua; Adams Tyovenda and Emmanuel Ediri

22. La Culture Comme Agent Unificateur Au Sein De la CEDEAO -Jiff Mokobia et Mebitaghan Rita

23. Effect of Watering Regimes and Levels of Urea Fertilizer Application on Establishment of Teak Seedlings in an Acidic Soil -Dr. K. Okunomo

24. Improving the Quality of Fish Feed through
Omega-Iii-Fatty Acid Inclusion in Diet
-Ekelemu Jerimoth Kesena and Nwabueze Aghatha Arimiche

25. Music Career for National Development -Deacon Moses O. Ehiwario and J.A. Abolagba