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Knowledge Review Vol. 31 No. 2

Knowledge Review Vol. 31 No. 2, November, 2014


From Policy to Practice: Bridging the Gap in Education in Nigeria
-Professor Maureen N. Koko

From Policy to Practice: Bridging the Gap in Education in Nigeria
-Prof. Tugwel Nayeiyi Agina-Obu

Gender Differences in Study Habit Skills of Undergraduate Students of Yobe State University, Damaturu, Yobe State, Nigeria
-Dr. Ahmad Tahir Adamu Koki and Umaru Abdullahi

Investigating the Extent of the Establishment of Pre-Primary Schools in the Existing Public Primary Schools in Rivers State of Nigeria-
Dr. H. N. L. Nwankwoala

Resource Utilization as Correlate of Students’ Academic Performance in Ohafia Education Zone of Abia State, Nigeria -Solomon Iheonunekwu,
Ph.D and Anyatonwu Ndidi

Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Secondary Schools in Nigeria -Dr. M. I. Otegbulu

The Managerial Constraints in Early Childhood Care and Education ‘ECCE’: Implications on Child Development -Dr. Maria Charity Agbo

Acquisition of Appropriate Writing Skills as a Tool to Educational
-Diseph Florence Ezeh- Origie Ph.D

Availability and Utilization of ICT Facilities as Panacea for EffectiveManagement of Education in Ebonyi State Public Secondary Schools -Dr. L. Ezeuwa

Policy Issues in Women Education: Dissonance between Theory andPractice -Dr. I. Comfort Osiobe and Dr. A. Dorah Akporehe

Assessment of Vocational Interest and Career Choice of Senior Secondary School Students in Damaturu Metropolis, Yobe State,
-Umaru Abdullahi and Terhemba Godwin Atsua

Equal Educational Opportunities for the Nigerian Child
-Fakrogha Elsie

The Impact of Marital Instability on Early Childhood Development
in Nigeria
-Nene C. Duke-Natrebo

Availability and Adequacy of Educational Technology Resources in Colleges of Education in Enugu State: Implications for Bridging Gaps in Educational Policies in Nigeria -Celine Nwadi Etesike

Challenges of Curriculum Planning and Implementation in Bridging
the Gap in Secondary Education in Nigeria
-Eyisi Dan
Bridging the Gaps in Learning: The Role of Modern Educational
Technology Tools
-Chiazoka K. Inyamah

Information Security Awareness: A Key to the Success of
Organizations in the 21st Century
-Christian C. Njoku

Menstrual Facilities Inadequacy in Schools: A Case of Poor
Policy and Practice Implementation
-Helen Oguejiofor Uzochukwu

Bridging the Gap in Theory and Practice for Skill Acquisition in
Automobile Technology
-Abah Adah

The Role of Language Education in Bridging the Gap in Education in
-Maria Oluchi Amadi

Assessment of Conflict Resolution Mechanism in Nigeria Education
-Godfrey Imahe

Equity Theory: Implication on Nigerian Schools
Chile Mildred
-Oriji and Felix Ike Nwokocha

Application of ICT in Teaching Practice Practicum for Effective Teacher Education Programme -Rowland Chibuike Nzeako and Nonye A.Onyekwere

Perception of School Administrators and Head Teachers on Policy Implementation of UBE Programmes in Junior Secondary Schools in
FCT, Abuja
-Roseline Chinyere Orji and Chidiebere Andrew Anyanwu

Teaching Practice Policy for NCE Teacher Education Programme:
A Critique
-Augusta C. Assimonye