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Knowledge Review Vol. 28 No. 2


Functional Education for Values, Knowledge, Skills and National
– Joseph Etiongbie Ogbiji, (Ph.D)

Functional Education for Values, Knowledge, Skills and National
– Prof. Nelson O. Ogbonnaya

Assessment of Character and Learning of Nigerian Graduates:
Failure of Teachers’ Assessment Skills?
– Sam William Bassey, (Ph.D.)

Industrial Development and Youth Unemployment: The Case of Crushed
Rock Quarry Industry, Ishiagu in Ebonyi State

- Dr. Aniefiok S. Ukommi; Emmanuel Obiahu Agha and Dr. Otu A. Ekpenyong

Guidance and Counselling as a Roadmap for Functional Education System: Implications for National Development
- Dr. John O. E. Egbo and Nich A. Eke

Academic Excellence, A Benchmark for Choosing a Worthy Career
-David F. Adiele and Uche O. Elem

Self-Concept, Academic Self-efficacy and Academic Achievement
Motivation as Correlates of Mathematics Achievement of Pupils
with Mild Intellectual Disability in Ibadan, Nigeria

-Ese Elizabeth Asamaigo, (Ph.D)

Guidance and Counselling Services: Essential Tool for Functional
Primary Education in Cross River State
– Mary B. Eyo, (Ph.D)

Repositioning Early Childhood Education for Functional Education,
Values, Knowledge, Skills and National Development

-Linda Nadoo Kpernyam and Kenneth Iorwuese Shankyura

Equipping Students with Career Choice Decision Making Skills in
Nigerian Secondary Schools
– Cajethan E. Ekpe

Managing of Social Problems / Social Vices / Issues and National
-Dr. Catherine C. Asamonye; Sulyman Musa Alatare
and Love Osuagwu

Education and Training for Library and Information Science Professionals
in Nigeria: Their Role, Opportunities and Challenges in the Information Age

-W. O. Nkanu; V. A. Iyishu and F. O. Ogar

Strategies for Improving Chemistry Laboratory for Effective Skill
Acquisition in Secondary Schools
- Are Falilat Tinuola

Towards Good Democratic Government in Nigeria through Quality
Education and Teacher Participation
- Catherine Ngozi Obi

Repositioning Nigeria Higher Education for the Challenges of the
21st Century: A Philosophical Discourse
- Erasmus E. Ebuta

Enhancing the Teaching of Environmental Education for Values,
Skills and National Development
- Aliyu Kasimu

Ills within Our Society: A Difficult Terrain that Requires Patience
and Strategy: The Humanities/Social Science Perspective

-Reginald A. Emessiri

English Language: Functional Tool in Achieving National Unity
and Development in Nigeria
- Nmadumelu Obi

Functional Early Childhood Education for Values, Knowledge,
Skills and National Development
- Elsie Fakrogha

Functional Teacher Education: Implication for Values, Knowledge,
Skills and National Development

-Boniface Sunday Akpan; Charity Igbokwe and Victoria Victor Peters

The Impact of Mathematics Education and Economic Empowerment
on National Development in Nigeria: Implications for Counselling Practice

-Helena T. Agbajor, (Ph.D)

Functional Science Education: Imperative for Industrial Development
in Nigeria
-Yinusa Isah

Effective Teaching Practice: A Panacea for Functional Practical Teacher
Education in Nigeria
- Obiajuru Evarista Efedi