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ISSN: 1596-974x

Maximizing the Learning Potentials of Learners in Nigerian Schools -Romy O. Okoye, (Ph. D) 1 - 8

The Relationship Between Resource Availability and Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Ondo State- G. B. Ehinola, (Ph.D) and B.K. Oyewole, (Ph.D) 9 - 15

Entrepreneurship and Functional Teacher Education as Means of Achieving the National Objectives of Vision 2020 in Nigeria- Emmanuel Sunday Otu; Judith Solomon Charles and Ifreke Uko Akpabio 16 - 23

Forms, Context and Significance of Tattoo Marks in Oru-Ijebu- James Abiodun Odubiyi 24 - 31

Population Education: A Strategy for Meeting the Challenges of Rapid Population Growth On Rural Development In Nigeria- Chukwuemeka K. Obetta and Charity C. Okide 32 - 42

Internal Debt Management Problems of Sustainable Economic Development Process in Nigeria - Ehiwele Philip Irabor 43 - 51

Replacement Value of Cowpea Shell With Faidherbia Albida Pods in the Diet of Weaner Rabbitts- I. I. Shehu; M. Yunusa; S. T. Samviri and M. Antyev 52 - 55

Imparting the Knowledge of Science and Technology to Youths for Self-Reliance and Sustainable Development in Nigeria- Amarachukwu Nkechi Nwoye 56 - 62

Need for Infrastructural and Facility Development to Motivate Young Entrepreneurs in Textile and Clothing Establishments in Lagos State- Edith Uchenna Chidume 63 - 72

Corruption: Bane of Educational Policy Implementation in Nigeria- Pastor (Dr.) Paul Nwakpa 73 - 78

Using Educational Computer Game to Foster Quality and Functional Engineering Education Among Nigerian Youths- Frederick Chukwuebuka Nwosu 79 - 85

Removing The Roadblocks to the Inclusion of Children With Special Needs in the Universal Basic Education Programme - Chris M. Vandeh, Ph.D and Ijir Elisha 86 - 91

Empowering Women Through Reproductive Health Care: Implications for Sustainable Development- Grace O. Okafor 92 - 101

Essence of Entrepreneurship in Vocational and Technical Education for Achieving Vision 2020 in Nigeria- Owakoyi Alapa 102 - 109

Effect of Erythrina Senegalensis Extract on Serum Glucose Concentration in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats After a Treatment Period Of 14 Days- M.E.B. Eka; E. H. Itam; E. U.Eyong; E. M. Anam and E. E. Nsa 110 - 113

Human Relations Approach to Junior Secondary School Administration in Ebonyi State: the Role of the Principal- Uzoma Aja-Okorie, (Ph.D)114 - 121

Defence Expenditure and Economic Development in Nigeria- E. O. Abah; S. A. Adama; B. O. Onuh and Agah Omilegbe 122 – 127

Focusing on Self-Reliance: A Vision for Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria- Gladys O. Okonkwo 128 – 133

The Potency of Entrepreneurial and Functional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Libraries in Achieving the Objective of Vision 2020 in Nigeria- Jane Ngozi Ekwueme 134 – 139

Impediments to Budget Implementation in Developing Countries – The Nigerian Experience- Emmanuel C. Ezenwafor 140 – 147

Teachers’ Attitude Towards the Teaching of Social Studies- Salmamza Dibal 148 – 152

Entrepreneurship Education and Functional Curriculum as Means of Achieving the National Objectives of Vision 2020 in Nigeria- David Egbenje Agwu Adoga and Ominyi Gabriel Agi 153- 158

The Relevance of Qualified Guidance Counsellors in Educational Enterprise: Implication for the Attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) in Nigeria- Rahmat M. Tinja and Tijani O. Abdulgafar 159 - 165

Entrepreneurial and Functional Science and Technology as Means of Achieving the National Objectives of Vision 2020 in Nigeria- Simon Adekali Negedu and C. E. Unwaha 169 – 170

Microfinance Institutions and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: A Case Study of Lift Above Poverty Organization (LAPO), Benin City- Monday Ohi Asikhia, (Ph.D); F. N. Ogeah and Pearl Uchenna Iloka 171 – 180