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Knowledge Review Vol. 15 No. 6, December, 2007 ISSN: 1595-2126

Vol. 15 No. 6, December, 2007
ISSN: 1595-2126

1.School-Community Relations: An Imperative for Refocusing Primary Education for Relevance and Sustainable Development
-Dr. (Mrs.) Benwari, Nnenna N.

2.Social Relations of Production in Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing Among the Nupe People in the Pre-Colonial Period - Dr. A. lyela

3.Data Modeling for Building Web-Based Data Warehouse-Pedro Imiefoh

4.Mastery Learning Strategy: A Panacea for Revitalizing Secondary School Education - Dr. Amechi C. Ifeakor and Dr. Josephine U. Anekvve

5.Refocusing Secondary Education in Nigeria: Benefits of Public -Private Partnership - Dr. Money, F. O.; Ekwevugbe, Adams O.and Dr. (Mrs.) Money, V. O

6.Child Labour and the Universal Basic Education in Nigeria-Hadiza M. Ahmed (Mrs.) and J. Zambwa

7.An Evaluation of Adult Education Programme Implementation in Rivers State- Adiele, Edward E.

8.Globalization and the Nigerian Economy: Matters Arising-Nwaugo Fabian Ndidi

9.Refocusing the Role of Social Studies for Sustainable National Development in Citizenship Education - -Akpan, Ima-Obong

10. Refocusing Science and Technology Education Toward National Development -.-Offor, E. N. (Mrs.)

11.Refocusing Early Childhood Education for Human Resource Development in Nigerian Primary Schools through the Curriculum Design Implicit in Social Studies Education - Udoh, Nsidibe Solomon Etim (Mrs.)

12.Refocusing Igbo Language Education through Motivating Igbo Language Teachers for National Development - Okafor Stella O. (Mrs.)

13.Assessment of the Extent to which Science Teachers .are Motivated as this is the Key to Reforming Science and Technology Education in Nigeria - Onvvuachu, Uchenna I. (Mrs.)

14.Refocusing Environmental Education for Relevance and Sustainable National Development - Binta Isyaku Usman (Mrs.)

15.Effect of Dieting Habit on Youths of Tertiary Institutions-Onwurah, F. B.; Nwogbidi, K. and Tew, C.

16.Refocusing Technical Teachers Education for Relevance and Sustainable Education Development - Abah Adah

17.Business Education: A Pathway to Sustainable Development-Stella Iniobong Ufot

18.Refocusing Information Technology Education in Nigerian Library Schools - Abdullah M. Dorayi
19.The Role of Budgeting in Private Sector Management-Chiedu, Christian O and Anigboro, Philip

20.Ikwerre Language Curriculum at the Primary School Level: An Examination - Dr. (Mrs.) Joy Agumagu and Dr. Paul B. Badey