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Vol. 9 No. 2


Functional Education as a Basis for Manpower Development in Nigeria Dr P. O Agogo

University Education and Manpower Development in Nigeria: Challenges
in the 21st Century
Joel O. Eriba, Ph. D

Education and Manpower Development Dr Eya, Patrick

Real Sector Financing in Nigeria: A Strategic Trend Analysis Prince Umor C. Agundu, Ph. 1)

Promoting 1 effective Teaching of Mathematics Concepts and Skills in Nigerian Senior Secondary SchoolsEraikhuemen L. (Mrs)

Reincarnation and its Relevance to Christianity Revd. Ekundayo Lawrence (JP)

Towards Food Security in a Democratic Nigeria- A Case for Increased
Poultry Production
Or J. O. Oyedeji

The Concept of Role Models In Political Leadership: An Appraisal of the Nigerian ExperienceDr Andrew F. Udnigwomen

Waste Marketing in Nigerian Cities: A Case Study of llorin MetropolisJ. O Olnjide and R. A. Gbadcyan

Assessment of Dcrmatogyphic Patterns in Post Primary School Students in Abakaliki Ebonyi State NigeriaIkeh Ifeanyi M

Child Trafficking and Manpower Development Olutunmbi, T. O (Mrs)

An Expository Focus on Nursery Education Practices in Nigeria: Need for a Professional TouchVictor O. Omoraka and Gabriel A. Osobase

Literature as an Instrument of Political, Economic and Socio-Cultural Development Comrade S. O. Oluga

Increase in Production and Availability of Good Quality Fruits and VegetablesOjih, S. A.

Potentials of Language Arts in Intellectual Development Holian E. Ekhator (Mrs)

Existence of Universal Grammar: Evidences from Pidgins, Creoles and Child Language Isaiah Qlabodc OJaniyi

Strategic Distribution Channel for Development Sustenance in Nigeria Michael O. Orisanaye

Staff Perception of Leadership Style of Managing Crisis in the Tertiary Educational Institutions in Old Orumba Local Government Area C. I Odigbo

Fine and Applied Art Education and Manpower Development Michael Olusoji Fadare

The Challenges of Producing Efficient Teaching Manpower in Nigerian Colleges of Education Komolafe J. K.