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KNOWLEDGE REVIEW: VOL. . 19 NO. 4 DECEMBER, 2009 ISSN: 1595-2126


Global Business Teacher Education Curriculum: Key to National Growth and Productivity-Prof. C.A. Obi and Oliver, Y.B.

The Reform of the Nigerian Economy: What are the Impact Variables? - J.M. Ibbih

Impact of Climate Change on Human Health: The Case of Malaria Disease Burden- A.Z. AI-Hassan and M.S. Jimoh

Assessment of the Male Factor in the Non-Achievement of Pregnancy Among Married Couples in a Nigeria Community- Amosu, A.M., Akintunde, T.I, Ajiboye, K.I., Amosu, A.M., Babalola, A.O., Lawal, C.O., Olanrcwaju, M.F and Ajiboye, O.K.

Textile Waster Definitions, Risks and Clean-Up Options-Olayemi, R.F. and Visa, J.

Reading as a Tool for Language Development and Proficiency-Dr. Charles O. Effiong

Globalizing Educational Management and Planning for National Growth and Productivity in Nigeria- Dare Michael Omotayo (Ph.D)

Sociological Bases of Radio Jingles and Audience Perception -Obukoadata, Ogheneruke Presly and Dodo, Wilson Akpeweoghene

Chemistry Education in the Era of Globalization: The Challenges for National Growth and Productivity- E. Effiong Okon-Enoh

Towards the Professional Survival of Teaching: The Promises of Teacher Registration of Nigeria- Lekia Nwikina (Ph.D) and A.U. Nwanekezi (Ph.D)

Teacher's Personality and Teaching Effectiveness: Implications for Teacher Education- Okoro, F.O., Oviegbodu, C.O. and Oriaifo, C.O.

Social-Cultural Factors Impeding the Participation of Women in Higher Education in Nigeria -Okenwa-Ojo, M (Ph.D)

The Role of Electrical/Electronic Technology Education in National An Empirical Analyses of Bank Characteristics as Determinants of Customers' Banking Behaviour-Ibok, Nkanikpo Ibok (Ph.D)

Investment and Returns in Human Resource Development: The Nigerian Experience- Stanley Aibieyi, (Ph.D) and S.O. Uhunmwuangho

Challenges of Corporate Governance for Banks in the Post Consolidation -Inaya, Lucky; Nomuoja Jude and Proso Timothy

Globalizing Instructional Practices in Technology Education: Issues and Prospects-Dr. K.R.E. Okoye

Godfatherism and the Under developmental State in Nigeria-Dr. S.I. Ebohon

Globalizing the JSS Social Studies Curriculum for National Growth and Development-Dr. C.O. Ololobou

ICT and the Implementation of Universal Basic Education-Obunadike Joy Chinvve (Ph.D)

Biochemistry of Food Allergy- Dibic Chidimma Dumebi

Globalizing the Universal Basic Education Curriculum for National Growth and Productivity- Suleiman Habiba

Reforming Nigerian Higher Education through Entrepreneurship for the Attainment of Millennium Development Goals (MGDS) -O.C.Ikpesu