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KNOWLEDGE REVIEW: VOL.. 19 NO. 3, NOVEMBER, 2009 : ISSN: 1595-2126


Harnessing Africa's Potentials for Growth and Development: Gender Dimension-Prof. Uche Azikiwe

Globalizing the School Curriculum for National Growth and Productivity-Prof. Benjamin Chuka Osisioma

Globalizing the School Curriculum for National Growth and Productivity-Dr. P.S.E.Ezeh

A Study of the Level of Students (Senior Secondary) Awareness of Environmental Education in Egor Local Government Area, Edo State-Aiworo Barry Aifeschi and Osaghae Victor

Drama in Television Adverts: A Potent Communication Tool-Gwam-Nzekwu Grace

Business Process Re-Engineering: Practice, Problems and Prospects -Ayandcle, I. A (Ph. D) and I.N. Ibok (Ph.D)

The Relevance of Education to the Socio-Cultural Environment for National Development - Uwagboe, Howard Eghosa and Ekhovbiye, Michael Osayame

Design, Construction of a Solar Conical Concentrating Collector and
Estimation of its Performance
- Morka J.C

Promoting the Learning of English Language for Nigerian Growth and
- Nnamdi-Eruchalu, Geraldine I

Facilitating and Practising of Visual Arts in Nigeria: Issues and Prospects- Ozokeraha, Akpowowo Bensandy

Library Education in the Era of Globalization: The Challenges for National Growth and Productivity - Angiating, Ashib Godwin; Adung, David Akomaye and Atagher, Mabel Ada

Making Job More Intellectually Involving: A Challenge before Modern Management - Omoregbe John Agbonhia

The Role of the Nigerian National Indigenous Languages in the Era of Globalizing the School Curriculum for National Growth and Productivity- Ajisafe Benedicts O.

Letter-Writing: A Dying Art among Nigerian Students - Steve E. Oseafiana and Titus R. Ohwonohwo

Mathematical Modelling on Health Related Problems in Oil Producing (Niger-Delta) Area of Nigeria - Omorogbe Dickson E.A. and Edobor Stanley O

Women Education for National Growth and Productivity: The Way Forward in Nigeria - Oghiagbephan, A.D.; Asite, T.M. and Okoro, F.O

Improving Inquiry and Thinking Skills in Social Studies Junior Secondary School Curriculum for National Growth and Productivity - Abubakar Aliyu GarbaZuru

Profitability Analysis of Fuel Wood Marketing in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State - Akerele E. O. and Aihonsu J..O.Y

Globalizing the Programmed Learning Method of Teaching Piano in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria - Dr. S. N. Nnamani

Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme and the Challenges of Globalization - Ugbelishor, Felix Abekani

The Role of Electrical/Electronic Technology Education in National Development - D. Moses; S. S. Manabete and M. U. Michika

Need for Globalization of Business Education Curriculum for National Growth and Productivity - Okoli, David Ifeanyi

Resource Utilization for Effective Teaching of Igbo Language - Dr. Uju Umo