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KNOWLEDG Vol. 17 No. 4 DECEMBER 2008



Emergent Issues in Exploring the Traditional Qur'anic School Curriculum for Dispensing Universal Basic Education (UBE) In Nigeria -Nasir M. Baba and Professor C.C. Okam

Perspectives on the Implementation of Nomadic Education in Nigeria -Dr. Ig. O. Nvvangwu

Strategic Planning Competencies Utilized by Principals in Management Emerging Issues in Secondary Education in Anambra State of Nigeria -Dr. Patience Ndidi Egboka

Analysis of Principals' Accountability in Managing Secondary Schools Funds in Anambra State -Adaobi P. Onuselogu

Effect of Tutorial Package of Computer Aided Instruction on Students'Achievement in Probability- Dr. (Mrs.) Ifeyinwa Udegbe

Principals1 Management Effectiveness in Secondary Schools: Emergent Issues from Research -Gladys O. Uzoechina

The Emerging Information and Communications Technology(ICT) Issues in Education in Nigeria -Dr. Joy Chinwe Obunadike

In Defence of Gender Equality for Sustainable National Development
: Issues and Strategies
- Hadiza M. Ahmed; S. S. Manabete; Abdullah A. Disaand G.K.Fwa

Emerging Issues in Vocational Education in Nigeria -Amina Abdulmalik and Hassan Shu'aibu Chioma

The Teaching of English Language through Literature in English - Muhammad Da'u Adamu

Emerging Issues in Language Education -Rita Obianuju Obi

Recruitment, Motivation and Training Implications for Developing
of Academic Library in Nigeria
-Rachel Agbo (Mrs.)

An Evaluation of the Communicative Language Teaching Approach in the Presentation and Practice of English Vocabulary Items in Junior Secondary Schools in Ondo Town - Toju T. Eyengho

The Roles of a Typical Igbo Oral Performer in the Actualization of an Oral Genre -Christian S. Onah

The Management of Poverty Alleviation Programme for Nation Building in Nigeria -Dr. Michael Omotoya Dare

Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria: Issues and Problems -Mrs. Chidimma Winy Nwokonkwo

Emerging Issues in Social Studies Education in Nigeria -Samuel Ayodele Atteh

Ethnicity and Public Service in Nigeria -Ozioma B. Orluwene

Emerging Issues in Language Education: A Synchronic Comparative Analysis of English and Hausa Segmental Features -UsmanO.Isa

The Polytechnic Education: A Pragmatic Approach to Entrepreneurial Development in Nigeria -Nsikan Lawrence Ekanem

Policy Issues in Continuous Assessment in Nigeria Schools -Ibrahain Ibn Egga and Mohammed Madaki

Cultism in the Nigeria Educational Institutions: Incidence, Causes Effects and Solutions - Cyprian Onyenekenwa Eneh

Assessment of Proportion of Bank Loan Accessible to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) in Nigeria: 1992-2004 -O.A. Oyesanmi

Entrepreneurship and Skill Acquisition for Unemployed Youths
: Implication for National Development
-S.I. Elue and C. P. N Awili