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VOL. 9 NO. 5, November, 2007
ISSN 1595-2126Vol. 9 No. 5


Language Education: A Prerequisite for Manpower Development-Ucheoma, Mercy C

Developing Human Resources through Music Education at the Secondary School Level -Oyovwi, E and Christiana Ejiroghene Asah (Mrs)

The Provision of Quality Education for Nigerian Students: The Role of the Counsellor and other School Personnel -Binta Ado Ali (Mrs)

Improved English Language Teacher Education for Manpower Development- Chibueze Grace Ocheze (Mrs)

Women Education and Manpower Development- Onah, Ikala Jackson

Enhancement of Manpower Development in Physical Education through Indigenous Technology -E. C. Nwachukwu and E. O. Opara

The Importance of Agricultural Education in Manpower Development-Ochi Isaiah Ekiwe

A Critique of the Relevance of Educational Technology in the Traditional Health Care Delivery Among the Urbobo of Delta State- Julie O. Ojo

Professional Development of Pre-Service Biology Teachers for Effective Participation in the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Science Education Programme- Ukpene, Anthony Ossai

Influence of Mathematics on Student's Choice of Science Subjects: Implication for Manpower Development in Nigeria- E. N. Anumudu (Mrs)

The Role Music Education in Manpower Development-Akponome Abel and Olisaeke, Festus Ife

Exploitation of English Language Education Potentials in Manpower Development - Ochai, Uroko Innocent

Curriculum as a Tool for Manpower Development: A Case Study of F. C. E.(T) Bichi NCE Graduates - Abdullahi Shehu D/Kudu

The Missing Link between Egg Consumption and Blood Level Cholesterol-Nnamonu L. A

Contributions of Primary Education in Manpower Development-Muhammad Samiun Muhammad Awwal

Women Education as a Tool for Manpower Development in Nigeria -Aja J. O. (Mrs)

The Importance of Agricultural Education in Manpower Development-Adah, Obe Christopher and Adejoh, Sunday Onalo

Contributions of Parents and Teachers in Manpower Development -Daniel Musa

Eliminating the Nation's Manpower Bottleneck for Development through Technology Education Ekuje, F.T and Akor, R.T.

Developing Computer Education for Manpower Development of Nigeria- Onogwu S. Igba

A Non-Linear Inventory Production Planning Model with Conjugate Gradient Method- Omorogbe, D. E. A and Bazuaye, F. E.

Informatics Education in Nigerian Post- Primary School : A Re-energization- Arulogun, A. T and Omidiora E. O

University Education for Manpower Development - Ekwo Mohammed

Adult Education and Manpower Development-Benjamin Oghenero Akpomuje