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Analysing Parabolic Stones as Short Stories: A Case Study of the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luk 10:25-37) in Understanding the Church's Social Ministry -Adewale, Olubiyi Adeniyi

The Impact of Marketing in the Development Effort of the Service Industry -Aremu, Mukaila Ayanda

Socio-Economic Aspects of Cassava Cultivation in Nigeria: A Case Study of Esan Area of Edo State -Dr Samson I. Oinofonnvwan

Changes in Stream Channel Characteristics at Tributary Junctions:
Implications for River Management
-Dr Famous I. Aziegbe

Manpower Development in Nigeria: The Distance Education Approach
-Stella Agu, Ph.D

Globalization and Manpower Development in Nigeria -Dr J.E. Tabotndip and Dr Chikwe Agbokwuru

Teacher Education and Manpower Development in Nigeria -Godwin Oga

Importance of Arts and Social Sciences in Manpower Development
-James I. Uko

Deregulation of the Banking Industry: An Impetus for Growth in the Nigerian Economy -Joan E. Onoja (Mrs)

Factors Affecting the Availability of Personnel in Theatre-Arts
-Okoliko, B.O.

Redirecting Technical Education to Meet the Manpower Needs of Nigeria Revd. Canon M.N. Nwafuluaku

Importance of Agricultural Education in Manpower Development-Orohu Ogilegwu Thomas

Information and Communication Technology Education and Manpower Development in Nigeria -Dr J.O. Ukwungwu and S.O. Onyishi

Exploiting Home Economics Vocational Skills for Manpower Development-Komolafe Hajara

Importance of Geography in Manpower Development-Samuel E. Egbehenyo

Metalwork Technology and Manpower Development-Aluwong, Ezekiel Bodams

The Place of Technology Education in Manpower Development in Nigeria-AdakoIe Una

Impact of Teacher Education in Manpower Development of Nigeria
-Atteh, Samuel Ayodele

Music Education, Manpower and National Development: The Nigerian
-Emma O. Aniiwene

Adopting Appropriate Methods for Improving Interest in Agricultural
Education: A Strategy for Manpower Development
-Oche, Emmanuel O.

Fine and Applied Arts Education and Manpower Development in Nigeria
-Ewebiyi Adekunle Emmanuel