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THE NIGERIAN ACADEMIC FORUM Volume 6 No 4, November, 2001 ISSN: 1596-3306

Volume 6 No 4, April, 2004
ISSN: 1596-3306

Professionalism in Engineering Education in a Developing Economy: The Nigerian Case in Perspective- Engr. Sam. I. Iwuoha

Teacher Burnout: A Disease of the Nigerian Educational System - Adamu, Lucky and Nwanze, Peter

Accountability, Transparency, and Probity: Instruments for Sustainable Development in Nigeria - Aigbokhaevbolo, Oziegbe

Conflict in the Novels of T. M. Aluko and Implications for Nation- Building - George N. Anaso

The Economic Underpinning of Inter-Ethnic Conflicts in Nigeria - Dr Kamar’Bello

A Survey of the Taxonomy of Contemporary Nigerian Drama - Saviour Nathan A. Agoro, Ph.D.

Effect of Mixing and Compaction Times in the Strength of Periwinkle-Sandcastle Block -Bldr O. F Job; Bldr (Prof) J.O. Kolawole and A. Akowe

Deriving Collateral Advantages from Sugar Manufacturing: A Study of Savannah Sugar Company Ltd- Dr Adamu Idama

Shielding of Electronic Noise- Joel Biebuma, Ph.D.

Proximate and Mineral Analysis of Kolanuts (Cola nitida and cola culminate-A. O Mustapha; O. Olaofe and Ibrahim, H. O.

The Concept of Exploitation in Sociological Theory- Agweda, O. Theophilus and Odiagbe, O. Sims

The Use of Instructional Materials in Science Pedagogy- Ifeakor, Amaechi C. (Mrs)

The Effect of Replacing Soybean Meal with Pigeon Pea (Cajanus Cajan) Seed Meal in Broiler Starter Diets-Nwachukwu, C.B; Oyawoye,E. O; Adegboia, T. A and Wokem, G.N.

Application of Microbial Insecticides as Alternative to the Environment - Polluting Inorganic Insecticides- Anetekhai, Willie Edioye

Street Food: An Opportunity, A Problem and A Challenge for Development in Anambra State of Nigeria- Nnanidi- Okani, N. O.

Problems and Prospects of the Agricultural Sector in Nigeria - Isong, Sunday I

Evaluation of a Residual Soil Deposit Located in Durum Village, N. W Bauchi Town- Nosike I Uduezue

From Quality Control to Quality Assurance: A Panacea for Quality Business Education in Nigerian Schools - Audu, Yakubu D.

Under standing Why Industrial Engineers should Model Manufacturing Systems- Dr Harold U. Nwosu

Foreign Exchange Management and the Challenges of Sustainable National Development in the 21st Century-J. A. Ojo and R.A Oluwatusin

The Teaching of Mathematics for Technological Development (Methods and Strategies) - S.C. Maliammed

Towards Salvaging the Widening Digital Divide and Information Service Delivery in Africa- Niran Adetoro

Teaching Keyboarding as a Communication Tool in Secretarial Education- S. Monofi

Cultural Reproduction of Women’s Suffering in Africa: Challenges for Philosophy- Elizabeth C. Okeke, Ph. D