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The National Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria: A Survey of
Implementation Problems
-Dr. N.S. Okoroma

Problems of Utilizing Basic Biology Laboratory Equipment in Senior Secondary Schools in Kano Municipal Local Government, Kano State -Mukhtar, M.D. and Abdullahi, M.

Vision and Mission of Women Forestry Education in Nigeria in the 21st Century -J.S. Alao

Promoting Youth Interest in Agriculture: The Vision and Mission-S.A. Rahman; H.S. Umar and A. Yakubu

The Asian Tsunami: Vision for Natural Hazards Education in 21st Century Nigeria-Orduen Emmanuel Msuega and Terhemba Mile

Deregulation of Provision of Education in the 21st Century: Myth, Reality of the Way Forward -Olubadewo, S.O.

Vision and Mission of Privatisation in Nigeria -Asore E.P. (Mrs)

Mission and Vision of Curriculum Development and Intervention Strategies for Special Needs Children in the 21st Century -Dr. Mrs. A.U. Okai and Mr. N.A. Liman

Vision and Mission of Mathematics Education in Nigeria -Ogbemudia Macpherson Idahosa

School Guidance and Counselling: An Indispensable Instrument Towards Realizing National Goals and Objectives in the Century -Apologun Sylvester S.S.

Measures for Combating Examination Malpractice in Nigeria's Educational Institutions -Abdurrahman Ahmed Shehu

The Implementation of Nigerian Language Policy in Gwagwalada Area
Council of Abuja: A Challenge to Primary Education in the 21st Century
-Marcel U. Ezea

Privatisation and Labour Resistance in Nigeria in the 21st Century: The Case of National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) -Agbro, Enajite Anothny and Uwhuba, Akpomejero John

Vision and Mission of Metal work Technology Education in the 21st Century -Aluwong, E. Bodams

The Vision and Mission of Technical/Vocational Education in National
Integration and Cohesion in the 21st Century: The North-East Experience
-S.S. Manabete; Talatu, G. James and T J. Tika

Vision and Mission of Universal Basic Education Programme in the 21st Century -Mrs. Mary Elekwa

Vision and Mission of the USE Programme Towards the Girl-Child Education in the 21st Century: Focus on Constraints -Robert-Okah I.

Vision and Mission of Afforestation in Katsina State in the 21st Century-Muktar Dalhatu

Empowering Children with Learning Disabilities in the 21st Century-Azubike, P.N. and Nnaobi F. Azuka

Political Education for Equality and National Unity: A Discourse on the 2007 Presidency in Nigeria -Atia Sebastian