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KNOWLEDGE REVIEW : VOLUME 16 NO. 3, APRIL, 2004: ISSN: 1595-2126


The Nature of Labour-Management Relation in Selected Nigeria Farms
:Implications for Farm Entrepreneurs
-Ukertor Gabriel Moti (Ph.D)

Trainee Teachers' Attitude Towards Teaching as a Career-Daisy I. Dimkpa (Ph.D) and Lydia A. Wilcox-

Construction Project Abandonment in Nigeria-A Threat to National Economy- Aluko, Olaniyi Olanipekun

National Prisons Reforms: Challenges and Prospects of Rehabilitating Prisoners-Osemwenkha, Sylvia and Ibemere, Nelson Okwudiri

The Concepts of Equilibrium Chemical Thermodynamics -C. I. O. Kamalu

A Study of Delivery Period of Building Projects in Nigerian
Tertiary Institutions
- O. E. Alutu and E. O. Ayodele

Governance and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects-Ainabor, Augustine E.; Enabunene, Sylvester and Eregha, Ezekiel E.

Causes and Consequences of Conflict in an Organization: Workers
and Management
-Stanley Aibieyi and J. O. Okojie

Interface of Religious Fanaticism and Tolerance: A Reading
of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus- Rotiini Jegede

Management Practices in Songhai Empire: The Link with Contemporary Methods - Adebayo, Y.K. and Ajao, M.G

Problems Militating Against the Students' Industrial Work Experience Scheme (S1WES)- Ogbonnaya, Emmanuel

Promoting Accountability in the Nigerian Public Sector through
Value for Money Audit
- Joseph Ufuoma Nana and Enaruna Edosa

Spatial Variation in Borehole Depth and Drilling Cost in Benin
-Agheyisi, E. Justin

The Derogatory Penchant of Military Legislations in Retrospect: Lesson for Posterity- Kalu, Uwadineke C. and Obidimma Angela E (Mrs.)

A Critique of Classical Management Principles and Ideas in Education -J. Adam

Globalising Surveillance: The role of Mass Media in National Development-Adebayo, Gabriel Adebayo And Akiuola Dosunmu

Business Education and Unethical Behaviour in Nigerian Business Environment - Christan Biribe Ejim

Factors Inhibiting the Promotion of Art Education in Nigeria: A Time to Refocus - Okpogho, A.O.

Science Education as an Important Tool for Technology Development-Miss Aligbovbiosa O. Irene

Relevance of Mathematics in the Geosciences – K. M. Fasisi

Significance of Single Cell Protein in Alleviating Insufficient Protein Sustenance in Nigeria - Usman M. G. Isa

Corruption as a Threat to Economic Reforms in Nigeria-Akinniyi A. Joseph

Refocusing Science Teacher Training for Better national Development-Amina Ali Suwaid

Emerging Issues in Prison Education: Evaluation of Prisoner's Programme in Nigeria - Agali P.O (Ph.D)

Crisis Management: A Challenge to Administrators of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria -Hajia M. Onekata

Teaching of Faith-Based Sex Education in the 21st Century: A Consideration- Danjuma Doma

The Issues in Adult Education: The Trend for the Future -Ijanaku, M.O.

An Assessment of Teachers' Competence in Use of Selected Teaching Methods and Materials - Ahmed Y. Bello

Promoting Qualitative Research Through Academic Libraries in Nigeria: A Reflection on Auchi Polytechnic Library, Auchi, Edo State- Osumah, Mike A.