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An Overview of the Basic Principles of Management and Managerial Functions-Dr. S.O. Irune

Using Children's Literature in the Teaching of Moral Education in Nigerian Primary Schools - Salihi Ibrahim Atcequ

Land and Compensation Issues in Resettlement Scheme: A Case Study of the Lake Chad Resettlement Scheme -Emeka Daniel Oruouye (Pli.D)

An Assessment of Wind Electricity Generation Potentials of Five Selected Locations in Nigeria - A.O. Okpare; K. O. Tanuo and C. O. Ouiyemoie

Development of the Biokinelic Model for the Production of Ammonia from Urea in a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (C.S.T.R.) - C. P. Ukpaka

The Polemics of Environmental Impact Assessment (El A) Process and Procedure: A Paradigm for Developing Countries - Imimole William Okhumode

Earth Resistivity Survey for Underground Water in Ikpeshi, Edo North, Nigeria - Alile, O. M and lyoha, Abraham

Project Management: Understanding the Rudiments of Project, Programme and Policy - Omoregbe John Agbonhia

Globalizing the Senior Secondary Science Education Curriculum for National Growth and Productivity: Agenda for Reform - Dr. Christy O. Nwachukwn

Engendering Quality Teacher Preparation in Primary Education for Effective Implementation of the Universal Basic Education - Johnbull Adam; Howard Eghosa Uwagboe and Michael Osayame Ekhovbiye

The CD-Rom: A Necessity in Curriculum and Instructional Technology
- Dr. Sabina Nwana

Strategies to Improve the Impact of Nutrition Education on the Traditional Feeding-Habits in Igbo Land: A Case Study of Orumba South Local Government Area, Anambra State - Uju E. Nnubia

Globalizing the School Curriculum for Creativity, Human Capacity and Competitiveness - Dr. Comfort E. Mbachu and Frank-Opute E.

Globalizing Fine and Applied Arts Curriculum for National Growth and Productivity - O. I. Ofoye

Education Reforms in the Nigerian University System: A Critique and Suggested Strategies - Cyprian Onyenekenwa Eneh and Ngozi Josephine Owo

Appropriate Economics Curriculum for National Growth and Development-Francis Agboola Oluleye (Ph. D) and Georgina Aseinota

Globalizing the Environment for National Growth: The Use of Selected Science Instructional Strategies in Teaching Environmental Education-Ngozi Dike (Ph. D)

Protection and Purification of Water from Hand Dug Well - Helen Owoicho

Parents and Teachers Perception of Inclusion of Sex Education in the Secondary School Curriculum in Onitsha North Local Government Area of Anambra State - Dr. Ogonna G. Onwuzo

Global Perspectives on Women's Health, Education and Energy Needs for National Growth and Productivity - H. O. Obueh; J. U. E. Aghedo and N. O. Okhionkpamwonyi

Globalizing the School Curriculum in Agriculture Education through Participatory Curriculum Development for National Growth and Productivity-T.O.Okoli