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Volume 4 No. 1

ISSN 1596 – 974x

Assessing the Effects of Rural Poverty on Environmental Degradation in Nigeria - Dr. Emmanuel Chike Onwuka

Community Participation in Education: Implication for the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Scheme - Cornelius M. Fuandi

Gastro -- Intestinal Helminths of Pigs Slaughtered at the Jos Abattoir, Nigeria -A. B. Yako; D. D. Duhlinska and N. G. lmandeh

A Comparative Study of Educational Achievements in Morning and Afternoon Schools in Makurdi Metropolis - O. C. Ekoja; E. E. Idu and A. O. Obinne

Contributions of Secondary Education to National Development of Nigeria -Dr. J. E. Tabotndip

A Review of Maintenance of Electrical Power Supply System-Engr. M. A. T. Ogundola

An Analysis of Job Commitment and Involvement of Academic Staff of Nigerian Universities in Relation to National Development - Mrs S. I. Anumnu

The Influence of Some Variables on Teachers' Effectiveness: Implications for
National Development
- Enueme, Chika P. (Mrs)

Management of Assessment Materials for Effective Instruction in Nigerian Primary Schools - Urama, C. E.

Democracy and National Development - Ubong James Akpan

Utilization of the Mother Tongue to Achieve National Development -Juliana Diabuah

Technical Vocational Education (TVE) and National Development -O. O. Chuku and Engr. E. 1. Igweonu

Constraints on Nigerian Universal Basic Education and its Implementation for National Development - R. O. Odenu lyede

Fine Art in National Development - Francis O. Amadi

Social Studies Education and National Development Mrs Imoh - Obong Inyang Inyang

Redirecting Mathematics Education in Nigeria Through Enter-Educate Approach - Uche R. Wemembu and Lawrence Wemembu

Teacher Education and Nation Building - Obi, Catherine Ngozi

Quality Primary Education: A Viable Route to National Development -Okandeji, C. O. and Ajuar, H. N

Pre - Primary Education: A Vehicle for National Development-Dr. Banji Kayode

Poverty Alleviation Through Cooperative Societies -J. K. Olowookere

Contemporary Education Policy in Nigeria: The Necessity for Regular Funding and Implementation - Mrs C. I. Osagie

Actualizing National Development Via the Teaching of Social Studies Education in Primary Schools - Ossai, Agnes Comfort