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Volume 6 No. 1

ISSN 1596 – 974x

Teacher Education and National Development -Prof. John O. Afe

Ethical Education and Conducts in the Family as Bases for Economic Rehabilitation and Self-Reliance in Nigeria -O.J.K. Ogundele (Ph.D) and M.T. Balogun

Establishing a Nexus Between History and Philosophy of Education -Rev. Dr. J.O. Ayeni

Knowledge of Education Laws and the Managerial Effectiveness of Secondary School Heads in Akwa Ibom State -Dr. (Mrs.) Roselene John Akpan

Ethics and Values in Social Science Research: A Case for Qualitative Approach -Laz Etemike

Protection of Edible Plants in the Nigerian Savanna -S.S. Usinan

The Mass Media and Commcrcialization of Religious in Nigeria -Dr. Pius Oyeniran Abioje

A Review of Modern Photo-Chemical Machining of Metals -Michael U. Cyril and Abdulkabir Raji

The Influence of Compaction on the Vertisol Soil Physical Properties and Its Utilization for Cotton Production in Lamdurde I..G.A. of Adamawa State -Engr. Amos H. Gbalapun

Effect of Concept Mapping on Students Achievement in Trigonometry; Implication for Urban-Rural Mathematics -Imoko Benjamin

The Benue Heath Fund Projects Micro-Enterprise for Health Mode and Financial Access to Healthcare in Some Benue Rural Communities: An Appraisal -Dr. Simeon Gbor

Price Control in the Nigerian Petroleum Sector and Macroeconomic Stability -A.S. Nzewi

Stress and Administrative Effectiveness of School Principals -Dr. Ikuwegbu, P.N.

Towards Privatizing Agricultural Extension Education for Economic Rehabilitation and Reliance Adah, Obe Christopher and Ameh, lleagbami E.

Challenges to the Production of English Teachers in Nigeria -Felicia A. Riki

The 21st Century Challenges of Quality and the Professionalisation of Teaching in Nigeria -Iheonunekwu Solomon

The Effect on Mathematical Games on Primary School Pupils' Achievement in Mathematics -John E. Eze

The Relevance of Press/Media for Economic Rehabilitation and Self-Reliance Odeyemi Mathew Femi

An Investigation into the Competency Level of Pivotal Mathematics Teachers (A Case Study of Bichi Local Government Authority (L.E.A.) Kano State) -Dayyaba Muhd

The Role of Computers in National Economic Rehabilitation and Reliance -Fatima Abedoh Umar

The Place of the Press in Economic Rehabilitation and National Reliance -George N. Anaso