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Volume 6 No. 2

ISSN 1596 – 974x

Information Communication Technology (I.C.T) as a Means of Strategic Human Resource Management in the Nigerian University System Dr. J.O. Faniran and Mrs. O.O. Oloke

Fraud Control Strategies in the Public and Private Sectors and Its Implications for Corporate Governance - Rev. S.A. Aide Ojeifo

Unemployment and the Poverty Level in the Nigerian Society: The Economic and Social Implications - Barde Barnabas Embugus

Utilization of Cassava Peels as an Alchoholic Fermentation Substrate - Mercy Magnus Umokaso ans Unwana B. Udoete

Teacher Distribution and Utilization in Up-Land and Riverine Secondary Schools in Rivers State: Implication for Academic Performance of Students -Dr. N.S. Okoroma

The Need for Public Relations Efforts in Enhancing the Performance of Academic Libraries in Nigeria - Yaji, Sandra Mwuese

Searching for Distinctive Competencies in Small Scale Enterprises through Business Environment Analysis - Dr. Ogunsiji, A.S.

Guidance and Counselling: A Sine Qua Non to Mental Health - Egbe Okpenge, E.G. (Mrs.)

Maternal Mortality: An Inquiry into the Causes and Consequences -Odiagbe, O. Sims (Ph.D.)

Poverty and Education: The Effect on Preservation of Library Materials in Built - up Economy - Awala - Ale Isabella Idomu (Mrs.)

Women Education: A Strategy for Family Health Awareness in National Development - Okoro, Cecilia O. (Mrs.)

The Law and the Education of the Nigerian Citizen - Ebuara. G.V.; Ozurumba, C.N. (Ph.D.) and Udida, Lucy Anibekeh (Ph.D.)

Linking Female Students' Enrolment to Principals' Gender in Rural Nigerian Secondary Schools - Peter O.Ikoya and Oluremi V. Ikoya

Analysis of Factors Affecting Students Performance in Class Assignment - Dr. M.E. Ufuah, E.E. Idialu and A.O. Ufuah

Vocational Counselling and the Status of Nigerian Rural Women Skill Development: Contemporary Experience - Rev. Canon B.C. Okeke (Ph.D.) and Mrs. Obidiegwu Uche J.

The Product Life Concept: A Critique - A.J.C. Onu

Sustainable Development for Viable Environmental Resource Management - Ishaya K. Samaila

Development Management: A Proposal for Nigeria's Economic Reliability and Self- reliance - Ogundele, O.J.K. (Ph.D.) and Alaka, N.S.

Financial Reporting: How Reliable and Dependable Are Financial Statement? - Godwin O.Agada

The Place of UBE in the Democratic Nigeria - Dr. Tabotndip, J.E.

Instructional Material Utilization for Quality Instructions in Science Education - Madichie, J.C.