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Volume 10 December/2015 Number 1

1. Creativity and Inventions: The Role of Functional Education to the Target Group……Prof. J.O.E. Otuka, Ph.D

2. Functional Education: A Panacea for Positive Inventions in Northern Nigeria…… Dr. S. Saidu; Manu Usman Zunguru and Tilde Abdulkarim Isah

3. The Relevance of Creativity in Clothing and Textiles to National Development ………. Dr. Caroline Folayemi Akinnuoye

4.-Revamping Secondary Education System through Effective Management for Creativity and Invention towards Achieving Sustainable Development ………Ambrose Beluaye Anashie and Mark Terlumun Ijov

5. Teaching Mathematics for Beauty, Creativity and Inventions ....Daniel Bello Oluyinka and Chioma Oriaku

6. -Electronic Wallet (E-Wallet) as an Agricultural Policy of the Federal Government: A Critical Assessment - Ianna Gideon Jato and Vincent Tavershima Terna

7 Impact of Socio-Economic Status in Teacher Education Programme in Nigeria: Implication for Counselling – Victoria Amaka Okanume-Onah

8 Creativity and Inventions in Women: Role of Functional Education Dr. Comfort Seki Alagoa

9- Enhancing Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship through Business Education in Nigeria - Jones Ime Isaac

10-Creativity in English Language Education: The Role of Functional Education to the Target Group - Godfrey Oghuan Ebohon

11-Enhancement of Creative Thinking Capability in Nigerian Learners, A Panecea for Creativity and Inventions - Simon B. Gomerep

12 -The Paradox of Creativity and Invention in Accounting and the Principle of Conservatism - Henry Osimabale Auru

13-Creativity and Inventions in Library Science: The Role of ICT in Library Service Delivery to Library Users - Isaac Umaru Mamo (Ph.D) and Godwin Amidu

14Creativity and Invention in Early Childhood Care and Education: Challenges and Prospects in Nigeria - Salmamza Dibal and Ibrahim Bulama

15-Creativity and Invention in Business Education: A Necessity for the Development of Entrepreneurship - V. A. Kulo; R. A. Agbogo and Richard U. Akah

16 Creative Art: A Panacea for Empowering the Women/Girl-Child in Creativity - Umbugadu, Talatu Titus

17-Creativity and Inventions in Vocational and Technical Education - Claver Chinna Ogbonna

French Language, Culture and Creativity - Harrison G. Ugbijeh

19 -Role of Business Education in Stimulating Creativity in Nigeria -Sulayman Dauda Gidado and Juliana Nebo

20 Creativity and Inventions in Science Education Nigerian Institutions - Yunana J. Kpaji and Danlami Ibrahim

21- Creativity and Inventions in Youth Empowerment: The Role of Functional Education to the Target Group - Ijaodola Susan Olatundun

22 Political Education: A Creative Invention for Mitigating Militarism in Nigerian - Osoku E. Adagonye and Samuel Maria Adokwe

23Promoting Effective Creativity in Mathematics through Innovative Methods among Primary School Pupils in Batagarawa Local Government Area of Katsina State - Mustapha Abdussalam Muhammad

24-Creativity and Invention in Teaching and Learning of English Language in the Department of English Language College of Education, Akwanga - Mary G. Egah