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JOURNAL OF TEACHER PERSPECTIVE Volume 3, July/2009, Number 1, ISSN: 2006 -0173


Volume 3 JULY/2009 Number 1

Innovation in Funding of Education in NigeriaDr. (Mrs) Chioma Ihebereme and Assoc. Prof. B. U. Maduewesi

Innovations in Instrumental Materials Development Tor Teaching Social Studies in the Primary School: The Way ForwardAgu, Stella O (Assoc. Prof)

The Menace of Cult Activities in the Nigerian Universities- The Way Forward -Fidelia N. Iwuamadi

- In-Service Education Among Secondary School Teachers: Focus on Reforms and Innovation-Dr. (Mrs.) Ruth O. Anyaogu

-Reforms and Innovation in Secondary Education Through Community Participation Dr. (Mrs.) Agim Josephine Chika

Agricultural Education for Sustainable Development of our National Food Security: Challenges and the Way Forward-Ojiako Edith O. (Mrs)

Reforms and Innovation in Teacher Education: The Way Forward-Otu, Emmanuel.1 Sunday

Nomadic/Migrant Fishermen Education Reforms as a Tool for Transformation of Pasloralisl Societies-Philip P, Okafor

Innovative Approach to the Teaching and Learning of Science in the Secondary Schools: Constructivism as the Way Forward-Dr. P.M. Okorafor, S.N. Iheonunekwu and l.N. Uroli

Repositioning Vocational Education in an Era of Technological Development and Self-Reliance Ugeh, C.H. (Mrs) and Ogben Felix

Reforms and Innovation in Teacher Education; The Way Forward-Igbiwu G.E and Adam Johnbull

-Reforms and Innovations in Pension Scheme in the Public Sector: An Overview-C.O. Agbawe and O.N. Wanogho

Towards Functional and Qualitative Primary Education in 21st Century Nigeria-Asiya Aliyu Ibrahim (Mrs.)

Towards Functional and Qualitative Universal Basic Education (UBE) in Nigeria in the 21"'Century- Igoh, Oghodo Nicholas

The Need for Reforms and Innovation in Nomadic, Migrant Fishermen and Pasloralist Education in Nigeria- The Way Forward- Moses O. Omayali

The Management of Teacher Education for Professionalisation of Teaching in Nigeria-Dare Michael Omotayo (Ph.D)

-Reforms and Innovation of in the Education of Migrant Fishermen in Nigeria- Tedjere Sheke Rosaline (Mrs.) and Ezele Nicholas Efe (Mr.)

Educational Reforms and Innovation in Teacher Education in Nigeria: Way Forward for Quality Education- Osagiede, Mercy Afe and Idiaghe, .J. E. (Ph.D)

-Information and Communication Technology (1CT) and Reform in Secondary Education in Nigeria: A Status Report -Dr. Godwin Nwaeke Chukwuemeka and Idumange John A green

- Adequate Supervision of Instruction: Impetus for Teacher Effectiveness in Nigerian Secondary Schools Dr. (Mrs.) Nwaham Caroline Obioma

Need to Overhaul the Nigeria Primary School Education System for Qualitative Development- Dr. (Mrs.) Imonivwerha, P. A and Dr. Enaibe P. U.

Higher Education Teaching in Nigeria: Problems and the Way Forward- Efedi Obiajuru Evarista

Awareness of Air and Environmental Pollution, Disease Prevention Measures in Boarding Secondary Schools: A Way Forward-Mrs. M.O. Afoh

The Place of Computer Education in the Reform of Business Education Programme -Onyekaonwe, P.I and Omorojie Stella

- Necessary Reforms and Innovation in Vocational Education in Nigeria -Agbongiasede E. Edwin

A Critique of the Admission Reforms in Teacher Education Programmes in Colleges of Education-Ekwerugbe, Adams O and Dr. Oniyama, E.E.

Towards Improving the Quality of Business Education Programmes in Colleges of Education in Nigeria-Oseghale, Aiyamenkhue

Coping with the Challenges of Emotionally Disturbed Children in the Classroom -Folashade O. Atare

Reforming Agricultural Education for Self Reliance and Development -Ojo F. Nosakhare and Aghimien C.I