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JOURNAL OF TEACHER PERSPECTIVE Volume 3 Number 2, July/2009: ISSN: 2006-0173


JOURNAL OF TEACHER PERSPECTIVE Volume 3 Number 2, July/2009: ISSN: 2006-0173

A Prospective Teacher Education for an Expediently Managed UBE Programme in NigeriaDr. J.E. Tabotndip

Promoting Gender Equality and Empowering Women in Nigeria: Innovative Approaches and the Way Forward-Dr. (Mrs.) Jessica Ezekiel-Hart and Livinus Ogbondah, Ph.D

-Towards a Reformed Uniform Syllabus for Mathematics at the Secondary School Level for Effective Teaching and Learning of Mathematics at the Tertiary Education Level in Nigeria-Oghwephu O. Margaret

Conflict and Conflict Management in Nigeria Public Organizations- Sheriff Henry Erharuyi

-Reforms and Innovation in Training and Retraining of Science and Mathematics Teachers to Meet with Challenges of Global Development-Onose G. Moses; Augustine E. Okogun and Jenife Richard

Planning a Result-Oriented UBE Through Reforms: Challenges and the Way Forward Robert - Okah I.

In Our Own Voice: Reclaiming and Teaching the Bible in Afrocentric Perspective -Mark O. Ikeke

Reforms and Innovation in Teacher Education: Way Forward Ononyumolu Lucky; Emagbetere, ,1. U; Okoh, S.H and Ojuh, O. Devine

Analysis of the Use of Library Services by Academic Staff of the College of Education, Warri: Implications for Teacher Education Okoro, F.O; Oghiagbehan, D.A and Tinuoye, G.O

Cooperative Learning Strategy for High Academic Achievement and Better Relationships Among Learners -Dennis E. Edotigha

Reform in Secondary Education for Self-Reliance: Status of Science and Technical Infrastructural Facilities in Secondary Schools in Aguata Education Zone- Dr. (Mrs.) Elizabeth Nwamaka Okafor

Educational Reforms and Innovation: The Picture in Nigerian Primary Education Efurhievwe, Frank A.O.

Regulation and Ethics: Reform and Innovation in Visual Communication Practice in Nigeria -Kasi Jockal-Ojike and Ngozi Ajie

Refocusing Effective Teaching-Learning in the Classroom Through Incorporating Teaching Behavious that Motivates Students to Learn Okwuedei Chukuka Augustus

Pension Reform Act 2004 and Its Impact on the Nigerian Business
-Unuigbokhai, O.A. and Ali-Momoh Betty

-Language Education Reforms in Nigeria: The Way Forward -Philip P. Okafor

-Towards Using Counselling (o Reform the Girl-Child for Educational Opportunities in Nigeria -E.E. Oniyama (Ph.D) and E.E. Asamaigo

Physical Fitness Programme: An Indispensable Tool for Effective Performance of Military DutiesAnthony Oriabure; Blessing Edafcadhe and Ekpon Philip

Pulling the Pieces Together: Systematic Secondary Education Reform in Nigeria-Adiotomre, Josephine Etadaj'e (Ph.D)

Reforms and Innovation in Science Education: The Way Forward Moses O. Otnayuli and Obaro Verisa Omayuli

Towards Educational and Qualitative Citizenship Education in Nigeria in the 2151 Century -Igoh O. Nicholas

Reforms and Innovations in Business Education: The Way Forward -Obimah Maria N.

Primary Science Education as a Building Block in 9-3-3-4 System of Education in NigeriaEwesor, Stella E and Atomatofa, Rachel O.

Funding Agricultural Science Education in Nigerian Primary Schools: The Need for Government Involvement-Aghahowa, J.O. and Edobor, O.I.

Constraints of Science Laboratories in Providing Qualitative Science Education in Nigeria Secondary Schools: The Needed Reforms Ugochukwu Gladys C and Omoru Wilson

Reforms and Innovation in Business Education: The Way Forward- Mormah, Felicia O.

Impact of Emerging Global Food Crisis on Education Sector in Nigeria-C.I. Aghimien and P.A Enaigbe

Reforms and Innovation in Teacher Education: The Way Forward Oboh Peter O., Ph.D; Ototo, A.K. and Atufe Ufuoma

Reforms and Innovation in Secondary Education: Effective Guidance and Counselling as the Way Forward-Dr. Moses C. Ossai