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JOURNAL OF ASPROAEDU Volume 1 No. 1, March, 2015



The Role of the Teacher in a Globalized Economy and Information, Communication and Technological(ICT) Age for Quality Education
–Prof. Sahr P. Thomas Gbamanja, Ph.D

Introducing Creativity and Innovation in Questions in English and Anaang: Key to 21st Century Transformation of the Global Economy -Edenowo T. Enang; Vero-Ekpris G. Urujzian and Assoc. Prof. Byron U.
Maduewesi, (Ph.D)

Effects of the Combination of Cognitive Apprenticeship and Reciprocal Teaching Approaches (Cai+Rt) on the Reading Performance of Pupils in Imo State, Nigeria -Dr. C. E. Okwara-Kalu; Prof. G. G. Agulanna and Dr. A. U. Anusiem

Satirical Themes in Genres of Literature: Implication for Education and Society; towards Transformation of the Global Economy -Diseph Florence Ezeh Origie, Ph.D ………...……32

Gender Differences in Creative Behavioural Ratings and Academic Achievement of Students in Nigerian Universities -Dr. J. N. Ipem; Dr. L.O. Odeigah and Nasiru Yahaya Ringim

Creativity and Innovation in Science Education: Key to the 21st Century Transformation of the Nigerian Economy –Anna Agbidye;Isaac Gbaa Agbidye And Rachel Mnguember Aboho

Creativity and Innovation in Library Science and Information Management in Academic Libraries –Edidiong Akpan Atata Ph.D; Eno T. Eyene and Glory F. Sam

Transforming Education through an Awareness on Marital Crisis and Job Performance of Teachers: Implications for Councelling -Cornelius Anthony Edet, Ph.D

Creativity and Innovation in Vocational Technical Education: Key to the 21st Century Transformation of the Global Economy in Nigeria -Dr. Emmanuel Bassey Joseph and Dr. Nsikan Okon James

Need for Creativity and Innovation in Educational Administration -Felix Ike Nwokocha and Chile Mildred Oriji

Creativity and Innovation in Chemistry: A Recipe for Graduate Unemployment -Wepuaka Chiyem Arthur

Creation and Sustenance of Innovation as Educational Reform Strategy in Nigeria -A.G. Ossai (Ph.D) and E. N. Nwalado

Entrepreneurship Education: The Link between Creativity,Innovation and the 21st Century Transformation of the Global Economy - Victoria Chinyere Amadi

Creativity and Innovation in Teaching: Developing Multimedia Skills in a Problem-Based Learning Integrated Science Classroom in Colleges of Education in Nigeria -Alaebo Helen O.

Remedial Education as Key to Transformation of Teaching and Learning in the Secondary School -Daniel O. Ajaero

Creativity and Innovations in Polytechnic Education in Nigeria –A. O. Okpare and C. O. Oniyemofe …

Innovative Approach to the Implementation of Science Education Curriculum: A Key to Nigeria Economic Transformation -Aderemi David Oyedapo

Creativity and Innovation in Modular Instruction of College Mathematics: A Key to the 21st Century Transformation of the Global Economy - Anthony Chigbu Nwagbara and Eunice Oriaku Ezekwe

Creativity and Innovation in Business Education -Chikwuo S. Udu; Emeka Oguegbulu and Ngozi Ogbuagu

Rethinking on the Pre-Colonial Traditional Industries: A Means for the Transformation of the Nigerian Economy in the 21st Century -Jamilu Adamu and Nura Bello

Waste Management and Economic Development in Imo State Nixon Chiedozie Udeji, Ph.D; Nkeoma Ngozichukwu Akueshi; Charity N. Igbokwe, Ph.D and Best - Njoku Maris Maria

Management of Innovations in Adult Education: Problems and Prospects -Happiness Onyedikachi Oguoma

Creativity and Innovation among Rural Entrepreneurs for Economic Development in Anambra State, Nigeria –Chinwe S. Okeke and Abumchukwu I. Nzekwe

Information Communication Technology in Hospitality Industry an Innovation Strategy for Transformation of the Global Economy -Okoye Assumpta Amaka

Hausa and Native Languages in Use in Nasarawa and Plateau States of Nigeria: Implication for Proficiency in the Native Languages in the 21st Century -Orame P. S. Alaku, (Ph.D)

Promoting Creativity and Innovation for Transformation of the Automobile Industry for Nigerian Economic Growth in the 21st Century -Samuel J. Ukit

Reforming Early Childhood Education in Africa: A Task that must be Fulfilled -Azuka Nnonyelum Uduchukwu

Emerging Prospect and Problem in Entrepreneurship Education: Efficacy of Counselling -Dr. Christy Ngozi Nwaoba

Utilization of E-learning Technology by Science and Technology Teacher Educators in Colleges of Education - Nathaniel Olinya

Peace, Education as a Tool for Human Capacity Development for Vision 20: 2020 - Onyekwelu Loretto Uzoma and N. N. Mba