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Knowledge Review Volume 33 No 3, December, 2015 ISSN: 1595-2126

Nigeria Vision 2020 Economic Transformation Plan: Addressing Nigerian Development and the Structure of the Economy through Education.- Prof. Ngozika. M. Mbajiorgu (Ph.D)

Education and National Development: Nigerian Experience.- Prof. S. C. Ugwu

Unpacking the Nexus in ICT Adaptation, Knowledge Management and Innovation for Economic Development in Nigeria: The Librarian
-Edidiong A. Akpan-Atata, Ph.D; Nse Emmanuel Akwang, Ph.D and Eno Torosco Eyene

Technology Education and Development In Nigeria Beyond 2020:-Dr. Nsikan O. James; Dr. Batchman E. Isaac and Dr. Emmanuel B. Joseph

Grassroots Mobilization, Women Association and National Development: An Appraisal:- Okon Sunday Udoh, Ph.D

Negative Impact of Terrorism on Nation’s Economy (A Review of the Boko Haram Conflict In Nigeria):- Anthony Emhenya Iyoha, Ph.D and Suleman O. Tijani

An Ethical Perspective for theory and Practice of Guidance and Counselling Beyond 2020:- Magdalyn Aboh, Ph.D

Institutionalization of Examination Malpractice in Secondary Schools: A Threat to Quality Secondary Science Education in Nigeria and Development Beyond 2020:- Livinus O. Odo

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Facilitated Counselling and Nigeria’s Educational Development Beyond 2020:- Dr Mfon Eyo

Nigeria Education and Development Beyond 2020: Drama for Mass Literacy as a Panacea:- Godfrey Oghuan Ebohon and Rose Eyefujinrin Ebohon

Civil Disobedience (Industrial Action) and the Quest for National Development in Nigeria:- Morris Edogiawerie; Eugene O. Bello and Innocent .O. Ekuase

E-Learning Trough Information and Communication Technology: A Suitable Methodology for Adult Education in Nigeria:- Ade Ariyo Oshadare; T. P. Ige and Cecilia Omowumi Lawal

Teachers’ Perception of the Use of Edutainment Software in Primary Schools in Owerri Municipal Area of Imo State:- Callista Chioma Egwim and Victoria Chinyere Amadi

Agricultural Education and Training: A Panacea for Entrepreneurship Enhancement for National Development:- S.N. Ofodile and S. C. Ndelekwute

Sound Language Skills: Tool for Development in Nigeria Beyond the Year 2020:- Mustapha Bala Tsakuwa

The Contribution of Marketing to National Development:- Anthony O. Egu and Emmanuel C. Akalazu

Diagnosis of Basic Electricity Teachers’ Repair Knowledge of Simple Faults in Common Basic Electricity Laboratory Apparatus in Enugu State:- Titus M. Owoh

The Role of Local Government Administration in National Development- Helen Nnedinso Ozioko

Activities of Public Accountants in A Changing Global Economic and Political Environment:- Peter Taye Imade and Osawomyi Ehiorobo

Basic Science and Technology Education and Development in Nigeria Beyond 2020:- Stella Ejovwoke Ewesor and Beatrice Itie

Agricultural Education and Development in Nigeria Beyond 2020:- Musa Ibrahim

Quality Education: An Imperative for Achievement of Development in Nigeria Beyond 2020:- Paul Chuks Onyeke

Loan Syndication in the Nigerian Money Market:- Gladys Okonkwo

Adoption of the Modern Marketing Tenets in the Promotion of National Health Insurance Scheme among the Tertiary Students in Nigeria:- Bonaventure O. Oriko

The Role of Business Education in Realization of Sustainable Development in Nigeria Beyond 2020:- V. K. Anyaeneh and R. C. Nzegwu

The Relevance of Christological Teachings to the Development of the Nigerian Nation:- Chukwudi A. Amunnadi, Ph.D

Curbing Youth Restiveness in Nigeria through Functional Citizenship Education:- M. I. Japa

An Assessment of Teachers’ Access and Competencies in Integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) In Teaching In Kano and Jigawa States of Nigeria:- Danladi Sa’adu Ibrahim

Marital and Occupational Status As Influencing Factors of Recidivism Among Prisoners Grouped Into Types a and B Behaviour Patterns In Kwara And Kogi States-Dr. Aminu Sanni

Youths, Peace And Security In Nigeria: ‘What We Nt Wrong’Lucy Odiche Nworji, (Ph.D)

The Impact Of Business System And Its Environment On The Performance of Business Organization-George Ikechukwu Kene