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Nigerian Journal of Research and Production Vol. 11 No. 4, December , 2007 ISSN: 1596-6615

Nigerian Journal of Research and Production Vol. 11 No. 4, December , 2007
ISSN: 1596-6615

Effects of Guided Physics Laboratory Method of Teaching on Gender Acquisition of Laboratory Skills Mboto, Ferdinand, (Ph.D); Okon, Christopher E.and Okron E. Osam (Ph.D)

Sequential Steps in Curriculum Design and Implementation Processes - Dr. Mohammed Aliyu

The Effects of PH and Temperature of Adsorption on the Purification of Coca-Cola Effluent Okafor, J. O. and Aneke, N. A. G.

Enhancing the Economic Benefits of the Nigerian Agricultural Sector: The Application of a New Political and Motivational (P - M) Model - Ogbole, Friday Ogbole

Assessment of Senior Secondary School Physics Examination Questions: Implications for Proper Time Allotment Ahiakwo, Dimkpn Friday

Entrepreneurial Skills Development: A Tool for Gainful Employment in Business Education Programmes Rev. M. A. Edokpolor-Nosayaba

Laughter in the Theatre: A Study of Soyinka’s The Lion and The Jewel and A Play of Giants Ajimudu Olufunso Stephen

Improving Technical and Vocational Education for National Development - Miss Inana, O. T.

Implementation of National Policy on Education in Nigeria:A Focus on STM Education - Eze, Joseph U.

The Relativity of Social History, Artistic Impulse and the Background of the Writer in the Inscription of the African Novel - Dr. George N. Anaso

Inventory Control Practices and Performance of Public Companies (A Survey of Selected State-Owned Companies in Rivers State) -
Ndukwe A. Ukpai;Thankgod C. Agwor and Kariba G. Bagshaw

Learning and Instructional Materials Utilization in Nomadic Schools - Nnabuike, Emmanuel Kanayochukwu, (Ph.D)

Effects of Neem (Azadirachtin Indica) Extracts on Mycelia Production and Sporulation on Rhizopus Stolider and Botryodiplodia Theobromae - Oduwobi, O. A.

Effects of Video and Audio-Taped Instructions on Students7 Achievement in Biology in Secondary Schools Uche D. Asogwa (Ph.D) and Ugwu, B. O.

The Food and Feeding Habits of Parachanna Obscura (Gunther) and Its Aquacultural BenefitsDr. C. G. Oronsaye

Communication Strategies for Promoting Tourism for Sustainable Development in NigeriaMbuk Mboho, (Ph.D) and Herbert E. Batta

Access to Informal Credit and Its Effects on Cassava Production in Yewa Division of Ogun State, Nigeria Otunaiya, Abiodun O.

A Critical Analysis of the Role of Traditional Chief/Rulers in Contemporary Nigeria-Victor Egwemi and Jocob Akoh William

Development of Local Raw Materials for Poverty Reduction in Nigeria using Indigenous Technologies- Okechukwu, I. N.; Kwaya, P.V. and Musa Muhammed

Effect of Different Types of Live Mulching Materials on Growth Parameters, Yield and Yield Component of Maize (Zea Mays) - Okonmah, Lawrence Uche

Screening for Low Temperature Stress-Tolerant Cassava Varieties using Member Thermostatically - Akparobi, S.O