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WORLD EDUCATORS FORUM Volume 10 No. 1 July, 2018

Volume 10 No. 1 July, 2018
ISSN: 2350-2401


Meeting the Needs of Sustainable Development in Africa through Engineering Research and Innovation in Education:
The Ghana Experience
–Dr. Mohammed Ibn Mukhtar 1

Meeting Nigeria’s Economic Development Needs through Sustainable Research in Higher Education –Edward E. Adiele,
Ph.D 35

Assessment of Auditor’s Independence on the Credibility of Financial Statements of Listed Companies in Nigeria –Moses Ekaruwe; Dr. M. C. Ukwe and Prof. M. C. Okafor 43

A Veritable Tool for Managing Higher Education Quantitative Technique Approach –Gladys Ejimole Aleru, Ph.D and Danladi A Saliu, Ph.D 56

Strengthening Youth Capacity and Combating Youth Restiveness through Engineering Research and Innovative Education in Nigeria –Kidzu T. Oweh and Magdalyne M. Aboh 74

Strategic Communications Adopted by Principals for Sensitizing Students on Ebola Virus Disease in Keffi Education Area Office for Sustainable Health –Rebecca I. Umaru, Ph.D and Danjuma A. Ombugus, Ph.D 85

Global Challenges of Higher Education in Bayelsa State: Quantitative Technique Approach –Timiniebipa Cecilia Angaye Timi-Johnson, Ph.D and Inatimi Igbogi 95

Vocational and Technical Education: Promoting Efficient Skill Acquisition for Sustainable Development in Nigeria –Sunny Nwakanma and Lilian Izundu 114

The Relevance of Nigeria’s Indigenous Languages in National Development –Maureen Nkechinyere Nzeagwu 122

Knowledge Management for Sustainable Early Childhood Education Development: A Strategy for Revolutionalising Early Childhood Education in Nigeria –Ngozi Lynda Nwoko and G. G. Kpee,Ph.D 131

Meeting the Needs of Sustainable Development in Africa through Research and Innovation in Entrepreneurship Education –Basheer Garba Fagge; Mohammed Abdullahi Shehu; Suleiman Abdullahi and Abdullahi Adamu Maidallah 143

Machinery Performance Evaluation for Sustainable Food Production in Nigeria: A Case of a Procured Standard Disc Plough –Engr. Stanislaus C. Ndelekwute 153

Principals and Guidance and Counsellors Percieved Requirements for Domestication of Conventional Guidance and Counselling Services of Sokoto State’s Schools for Sustainable Development –Dr. Abubakar Boyi Sifawa; Muhammad Bello Waziri; Zaliha Nasirudden Bello and Muhammad Bello Yusuf 162

Meeting the Needs of Sustainable Development through Engineering Research and Re-orientation of
some Elements of Teacher Education
–Gloria Matthews 177

Re-engineering Adult Education for the Needs of
Sustainable Development in Nigeria through Guidance Counselling
–Amaka V. Okanume-Onah and Eucharia C. Ezeonwuka 186

Changing Accounting Standards and Business Survival in Nigeria –Richard L. Udie; Denis Udama; Ekanem Effiong and Mary Agim 199

Challenges of Implementing Peace Education in Secondary Schools in Bayelsa State, Nigeria –Torupere Koroye, Ph.D and Doye Angela Igbinedion, Ph.D 216

Guidance and Counselling Meeting the Needs for Sustainable Development in Nigeria through Engineering
Research and Innovation in Nigeria
–Christiana Apa-Ago Osaro, Ph.D 226

Exploring the Potency of Higher Education in Engineering Research and Innovation towards Achieving Sustainable Development in Nigeria –Reuben Idoko Otoja, Ph.D; Laurenta Obehi Okonta and John Ijege Alopu 235

Outdoor Activities and the Teaching of Classification of Organisms in Schools in Tanzania: The Use of Digital
–Eugenia J. Kafanabo 246

Refocusing the Use of Social Media towards National
Cohesion and Unity in Nigeria
–Christiana Isioma Nkenchor 264

Educational Policies and Problems of Implementation in Nigeria –Iyare Friday Ogbidi; Abumere Christopher Oribhabor and Idemudia Okhiria 275

Effect on Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme on Students’ Readiness for Life of Work and Sustainable Development in Nigeria –Dr. Longshal Markus Wakili and Osimabale Henry Auru 284

The Roles of Entrepreneurship Education in Ensuring Economic Empowerment and Development –Yahaya James; Abdul Adamu and Ifeoma Euphemia Opara 293

Comparative Analysis of Environmental Disclosure in Oil and Gas Industries in Nigeria: A Study of Selected Oil and Gas Industries on the Nigerian Stock Exchange –Emeka L. Omaliko; Amara Uzodimma and Ngozi Ogbuagu 303

Leadership and Nigeria’s Developmental Challenges: Education as a Panacea –Okonta Lawrenta Obehi; Omorogbe Eseosa and Agazuma Solomon Ehigiamusor 316

Meeting the Needs of Sustainable Development in Africa through Engineering Research and Innovation in Mathematics Education: Students’ Attitude as a Predictor of Academic Achievement –Abdullahi Adamu Dan’Inna 324

Research and Innovation in Higher Education for
Sustainable Growth and Development in Nigeria
–Blessing N. Ighalo and Godwin O. Ighalo, Ph.D 339

Social Media Addiction among Nigerian Students: Issues Arising and Possible Solutions –C. J. C. Ayatalumo
and C. C. Ukegbu 347

Benefits and Challenges of Educational Technology with Reference to Principles and Practice for Sustainable Development in Africa –Dr. Christiana N. Nwadiokwu 356

Unresolved Issues and Challenges Facing Primary Education in Nigeria –Patricia I. Itaman; Christopher Omogiade and Innocent A. Iyoha 363

The Role of Education in Addressing Militancy in Bayelsa State of Nigeria –Cecilia Timiniebipa A. Timi-Johnson, Ph.D 371

Dynamics in Technical and Vocational Education in Nigeria: Prospects for Sustainable Industrial Development –Mary N. Onyia 382